Monday, January 29, 2007

Good Tastings Recipe Drawing - Win KitchenAid Mixer and Watkins Products

Post 27

Good Tastings by Watkins would like to celebrate all the fabulous tastes that come from your kitchen. We want to invite you to share your favorite recipes with us, so we're holding the first ever Good Tastings recipe drawing!

Click Here to Submit your Recipe
Please give my associate name and ID# - Eleisia Whitney #335001

Top Prizes

1st place: KitchenAid Mixer and $200 US/$250 CDN in your choice of free Watkins products

2nd place: $150 US/$190 CDN in your choice of free Watkins products

3rd place: $100 US/$125 CDN in your choice of free Watkins products

To qualify for the recipe drawing, submissions must:
  • Enter Associates ID (Mine is 335001)
  • Contain 10 or fewer ingredients
  • Utilize at least 2 current Watkins products
  • Include complete recipe information with ingredients and accurate measurements
  • Be free of any copyright restrictions*

*Recipes do not have to be original, but they must be free of copyright restrictions (they can't be from a published book, magazine, or copyrighted product label). When submitting the recipe, the person submitting the recipe is asserting that he or she is the reasonable "owner" of that recipe.

Recipes must be received at Watkins by April 30, 2007. Winners will be notified by phone.

Submissions may be made online or by mailing your recipe to: Watkins Incorporated, 150 Liberty Street, Winona MN, 55987, USA, Attn: Recipe Drawing.

Please include only one entry per envelope. Limit one recipe per address. No purchase necessary. All prizes will be awarded. Watkins Incorporated is not responsible for illegal, lost, delayed, or damaged entries. All recipe submissions become the property of Watkins and may be used in future Watkins publication and at Watkins events. By submitting a recipe in the Good Tastings Recipe Drawing, you authorize Watkins to use your name, picture, and likeness for Watkins advertising promotional purposes. Open to residents of United States and Canada, except employees of Watkins Incorporated, their families, and Watkins Independent Associates.

Wouldn't you like to share a secret family recipe?

Spicing Up Your Health

Post 26

There's a good chance that your new year's resolutions involve healthier eating and more exercise.

Certain herbs and spices may help you maintain a healthy weight, lower blood pressure, improve heart health, and more. Reduce the amount of sugar, salt, and fat in your foods by using spices and herbs to add taste and zing!

Watkins chooses only the best herbs and spices for there product line, all-natural herbs and spices in glass jars, organic herbs and spices in tins, and award-winning black pepper and cinnamon in 6 oz. and 12 oz. tins.

Here are 10 tips for spicing up your health. A sprinkle here; a dash there.

Watkins for all your spices, herbs, and blends. Shop for herbs and spices.

Friday, January 26, 2007

For United States Federal Income Tax Payers - Two Extra Days

Post 25

If you are working on your federal income taxes here is a bit of information for you.

The IRS has moved the filing deadline to April 17 this year since the April 15 falls on a Sunday and the next day turns out to be a holiday in the District of Columbia.

Watkins Featured in O - The Oprah Magazine, Cooking with Paula Deen, and Oxygen Magazines - February Issue

Post 24

Watkins in the News!

You have come to know and love the outstanding quality of Watkins products. We are proud to share that Watkins products continue to gain international attention and are pleased to have been featured in O — The Oprah Magazine, Cooking with Paula Deen, and Oxygen Magazines.

O, The Oprah Magazine
Oprah has long hosted a progressive, entertaining talk show and from its success, has launched her own magazine O, The Oprah Magazine. This monthly women’s magazine has become one of the leading women’s lifestyle publications of its kind with circulation reaching 6,009,793 readers. In the LOVE THAT! section of O’s February issue, Watkins Lemon Cream Shea Butter earns the award of Lemon Supreme for the lemony scent and whipped meringue texture that makes our shea butter perfect for winter skin.

Cooking with Paula Deen
For those who are not yet familiar with Paula Deen, she is a popular Food Network Channel personality with two television cooking shows. Her magazine shares her best loved recipes, family and home decorating advice and has a circulation reaching 650,000 readers. The Hot Picks section of the February issue of Cooking with Paula Deen features Watkins Extracts noting that “Watkins extracts are made from the finest, natural ingredients.”

Oxygen Magazine
Oxygen Magazine promotes women’s health through healthy eating and strength training. While it’s audience is primarily in Canada, it is distributed in the US as well, reaching over 140,000 readers internationally. Oxygen Magazine interviewed Watkins own Brenda Koth for the article Spice up your Life. Brenda offered health benefits of various kitchen spices. “Cinnamon appears to reduce elevated blood sugar and blood fat levels,” says Brenda Koth, MS, RD, Nutrition Advisor for spice producer Watkins Incorporated.

Issues are on newsstands now.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Tips on How to Improve Your Pay Per Click Efforts

Post 23

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is paying for a listing placement at the top of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. based on keywords. Your placement is determined by the amount of money you are willing to pay for a click through to your web site. Most pay per click search engines have large distribution networks, so that their results are seen on a number of different sites.

A pay per click search engine allows you to open an account and deposit some money as a starting balance. With this, you enter your site's URL, title and description and bid on relevant keywords. A site selling widgets would bid on keywords such as, "widgets," "small widgets," "blue widgets" etc.

When someone searches for "widgets" the details of your site appear, in the form of a search result with the URL, title and description you entered. If they then click on your listing, your account is debited the amount you have bid on that keyword.

"Double Your PPC Profits While Halving Your Costs!" is a free 12 part course on How to Improve Your PPC Efforts by Jay Stockwell. Sign up for PPC Newsletter at to start your free course.

Here's a preview on what is covered in the 12-day course

- Using low competition PPC search engines for maximum profits.
- How to write killer PPC ad titles for maximum attention.
- Increasing your click through rate (CTR) using smart copy.
- Saving money by deterring tire kickers.
- Using Google AdWords dynamic insertion.
- Catching click fraud and getting refunds.
- Ad positioning for maximum conversion.
- Finding low cost, yet highly targeted PPC keywords.
- Wagging PPC profits out of the "long tail".
- Increasing PPC conversions using landing pages.
- How to pay once for multiple conversions.
- Hidden profits means you can pay more.

77 Ways to Get Traffic

Post 22

Get your free copy of "77 Ways to Get Traffic Nearly All Free" by Allan Gardyne. This free report is a gift for subscribing to his Associate Programs Newsletter at

When generating traffic, many website owners get stuck in a rut, using only a small selection of techniques. This report encourages you to get out of that rut.

Microsoft Extends XP Service

Post 21

If your computer operating system is Windows XP you will be happy with this news.

Microsoft has added an extra five years support for Windows XP. This extends service on XP through April 2014. Security patches will be free, but Microsoft will charge for customer assistance.

Consumers who own Windows XP machines already were entitled to get customer service on the software up until April 2009.

Microsoft's new operating system Windows Vista, is now available to PC customers.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Watkins Growing and Evolving

This is my 20th post during the 30 day 30 post challenge. Some days I haven't posted at all and other days I have posted one or more times.

Watins Incorporated continues to grow and its product line continues to evolve to meet the needs of the modern day family while maintaining the natural goodness of each product.

In 1868 J. R. Watkins started with one product now known as Watkins Liniment or "Red Liniment." People on the Minnesota prairie didn't have ready acess to doctors, and most couldn't afford to see one anyway. Watkins provided quality products folks could rely on to make them feel better and keep them feeling better. J. R. backed his products with a money-back guarantee. With Watkins you get real tried-and-true products that have been helping people for more than 135 years.

As the years passed Watkins added herbs, spices, and extracts to its line of natural apothecary remedies. Today these herbs, spices, and extracts are some of our most popular products. Watkins Liniment continues to be one of the top ten products in the United States. Today our line includes over 350 quality products for you and your home.

Watkins does not believe in "fad" products. The products they include in their line are tried and true. Each product is backed by 138 years of experience, excellence, quality, and value.

The product line is continually evolving. New products are added and less popular products are dropped. Last year Watkins added USDA Certified 100% Organic spices and herbs to its all-natural spices and herbs. Later this year they will add a new line of 17 natural based home care products that are non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, free of phosphates and petrochemicals, free of pollutants, safe for septic systems, plant and soy based and free of SLS, Cocamide DEA, dyes, perfumes, and animal ingredients.

I'm proud to represent a company with a tradition of excellence, value, and quality - yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Find out how you can start a Watkins home-based business Read our free ebook

Shop for Watkins products Watkins Online Catalog

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Home Care Products to be Sold as Limited Quantities

In order to make room for our new line of natural based cleaning products, these lower selling home care products will be discontinued and offered as limited quantities to the extent of stock.

06697 Laundry White

06734 New Generation Laundry

06776 Wood Cleaner & Restorer

06794 Bathroom Cleaner

06698 Pre-Wash Stain Remover

06788 Tub and Tile Cleaner

06790 Creme Cleanser

06696 Fabric Softener

06729 Lemon Furniture Polish

06783 Citrus All Purpose Cleaner

06724 Odor Trap

06798 Window and Glass Cleaner

06732 Odor Zap Spray

3/06786 Odor Check

06740 Mineral Deposit Remover

06715 Waterless Hand Cleaner

06259 32 oz.Trigger Sprayer

06722 Stain Pro - Grease, Tar & Gum Remover

06258 Trigger Sprayer

06271 32 oz. Pump Dispenser

06257 Mixing Bottle (24 oz.)

06273 1 gallon Pump Dispenser

06256 Mixing Bottle Labels

Order Home Care Products Now Watkins Online Catalog

Favorite Home Care Products Here to Stay

Our traditional top selling Watkins home care favorites are here to stay. You have indicated which products are your favorites through high sales. The following list shows the home care products that we will continue to offer.

06795 Toilet Bowl Cleanser

06730 Generation III Laundry

06738 Watkins Laundry Detergent

06741 Triple Action Liquid Detergent

06785 Degreaser 32 oz.

06747 Degreaser 1 gallon

06782 Bio-Drain Opener

06787 Organic Cleaner 32 oz.

06746 Organic Cleaner 1 gallon

06248 Bathroom Caddy / Brush

06272 Pump Dispenser 62 oz.

Order your favoirite home care products Watkins Online Catalog

Watkins Announces Exciting New Natural Based Home Care Line!

Generations have trusted Watkins home care products to clean and freshen their homes with products that are easy on home surfaces and the environment.

Watkins is proud to announce another evolution in Watkins commitment to your home and the environment: a new family of 17 natural based home care products to be added to the mainline later this year. This exciting new family of natural based products will feature formulas that are:

  • Non-toxic
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Free of phosphates and petrochemicals
  • Free of pollutants
  • Safe for septic systems
  • Plant and soy based
  • Free of SLS, Cocamide DEA, dyes, perfumes, and animal ingredients

Further information and details on this new family of natural based home care products will be available at Watkins Great Escape Conference, June, 21, 22, and 23 in La Crosse, WI.

Top 10 Web Site Design Mistakes

If you are planning to design a web site for your business or refresh your current site overcoming these design mistakes will put you ahead of the game.

Mistake 1
Using too large of a graphic header on the top of your page.
Don't waste prime information space on too large of a logo or banner.

Mistake 2
Using “washed out” colors that make your web site feel drab and lifeless. Or using colors that are way too bright.
Choose colors that convey the mood of your site and that give the visitor a pleasant feeling.

Mistake 3
Using more than four colors on your web site.
Using too many colors will make your site too busy and detract from the content.

Mistake 4
Using more than four different types of fonts on the same page.
Using too many different types of fonts causes the visitor to look in all directions at once and not focus on important content.

Mistake 5
Displaying your sales “message” on a dark colored background!
Don't detract from your sales message by placing it on a dark background. A white or light colored background lets your sales message shine through.

Mistake 6
Using too many scripts at once which causes browser “freeze.”
A well layed out web site with easy access to information without all the bells and whistles will keep the visitor at your site longer. If your visitors have to wait too long for the site to load they won't waste their time.

Mistake 7
Cramming way too much content into too small of a space. (Not enough white space.)
Design your site for your visitors as well as the search engines. Leave plenty of space between bits of information and graphics. Use tables to set up your content. Don't fill the full page from side to side, margin to margin.

Mistake 8
Using “busy” or “watermarked” background patterns.
Background patterns can draw attention away from the content and purpose of your site. If you are designing a business site don't use a busy background pattern.

Mistake 9
Specifying fonts that are too small!
Don't make visitors strain to read your content or view your graphics. There is way too much competition out there so make visiting your site pleasant and rewarding. A too-small font is a needless mistake!

Mistake 10
Not clearly identifying your offer.
State your offer clearly and do not make your customer search for the information. State the offer up front and then fill in the details and add testimonials.

Parts exerpted from Design Dashboard

Monday, January 22, 2007

Extra Incentive to Join by January 31 - Free E-Associate Web Package

All new Associates who join in January will have the opportunity to try Watkins E-Associate web package for three months at no charge. Watkins will waive the $64.95 US/$76.95 CDN web set-up fee. Additionally, Watkins will pick up the monthly web-hosting fee for the first three months, giving you as a new Associate until the end of April to decide if the E-Associate package is right for you before having to pay a cent. That’s a total savings of $124.80 US/$151.80 CDN if you begin your Watkins business in January.

Here’s what the E-Associate Web Package provides:

  • A customizable, personal web site which stands as the entry point for your customers, prospects and downline to
  • A place to post public stories for your customers and prospects, plus private stories for your downline team.
  • All customers and prospects coming through your site have your Associate information pre-filled in all shopping and sign-up screens.
  • A fully-functional e-mail with a address and access to reports and account information including real-time volume queries.

January’s new Associates can choose to try the E-Associate package when they join Watkins. Those that choose this option will enjoy the package for the remainder of January and all of February, March, and April.

Find out how to become an associate and get the e-associate web package free for three months. How to join my Watkins team

To view my e-associate web site

2007 Rewards for Building Your Watkins Team

Join Watkins now and start building your Watkins team.

Performance Rewards is designed to give new Associates a boost by earning points from monthly volume increases and by sponsoring and helping their downline team mates grow. New Associates earn double Performance Reward points during their first three months.

Points can be redeemed for a variety of prizes including logo clothing, merchandise, travel and lodging at Watkins Great Escape Conference in 2008, or the Grand Prize Getaway to Puerto Vallarta in April 2008.

Watkins also offers Team Building Incentives. These incentives are monetary bonuses for advancing to first time Manager and promotion to higher levels.

These rewards and incentives are in addition to earning from Watkins Compensation Plan. Associates receive a 25% to 39% commission on the products they sell, a 25% to 39% discount on the products they buy for themselves, and a 5% to 10% commission on the sales of their down line team.

Start a profitable Watkins Home-Based Business today! Details here. Watkins Home Business Information

New Watkins Mainline Catalog

Our new Watkins Mainline Catalog is available now. It includes new products and prices starting January 1, 2007.

Request our new catalog Please put "New Watkins Catalog" in the subject line.

Browse the online catalog Watkins Online Catalog

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Extended Federal Tax Deductions Not on the 2006 Tax Forms

Three popular tax breaks technically ended in 2005 - deductions for state sales taxes, college tuition and fees, and educator out-of-pocket classroom expenses. These tax deductions were extended at the very end of the 2006 congressional session and didn't make it onto 2006 tax forms.

You must itemize to claim the sales tax deduction, and if you also paid state income tax, you must decide which of those state levies to claim. Both education-related deductions, however, are available to anyone regardless of whether you itemize or take the standard deduction amount.

The only issue with these three tax breaks is where on the tax form to claim them. Because they were reinstated after the IRS printed the 2006 tax forms, you'll have to make some special notations, especially if you file paper forms instead of using tax software.

You don't have to worry if you use tax preparation software. These tax deductions are included in the software or a download will be available so that the deductions are included.

If you use a tax preparer they will be familiar with all the new tax laws and changes. You will need to be familiar with these deductions to provide them with the information.

More information at

US Federal Tax Preparation - 2006 Standard Deduction and Personal Exemptions

Standard Deduction Amount
While most taxpayers claim the standard deduction, it may pay you to itemize if you own a home based business. On 2006 returns, the standard amount for single filers is $5,150.00, an increase of $150 over last year. This is also the deduction for married taxpayers who opt to file separately from a spouse. Head of household taxpayers get a $7,7550.00 standard deduction this year, up $250 from 2005's amount.

Married couples who file a joint return get a $300 increase, giving them a $10,300 standard deduction. Qualifying widows and widowers also use this amount.

Personal Exemptions
You, your spouse, and each person you can claim as a dependent are worth $3,300 each. These exemptions are subtracted to reach the lowest possible taxable income amount. This year's exemption amount is $100 more than the previous tax year.

One holdover in this area is for taxpayers who welcomed Hurricane Katrina evacuees into their homes.The hosts might be eligible for additional exemptions. Individuals who put up a displaced person at their residence for at least 60 consecutive days can get an added exemption of $500 per person.

However, this added exemption amount is limited. You can claim exemptions for up to no more that four persons, giving you a potential maximum benefit of $2000. If you claimed any of these displaced persons on your 2005 return, you cannot claim them again this year. The total allowable dollar amount for both 2005 and 2006 cannot exceed the $2,000 limit. Full details can be found in the Form 1040 and 1040A instruction books.

Additonal Mileage Deductions For Use of Your Car

When preparing your 2006 federal tax return you can deduct the following car mileage:

  • Travel for medical purposes at 18 cents per mile
  • Moving expenses at 18 cents per mile
  • Travel for charitable services at 14 cents per mile
  • Travel for Hurricane Katrina volunteer services at 32 cents per mile

The extraordinary outpouring of relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina prompted Congress to continue through 2006 a special mileage exception for miles driven in support of charities providing Katrina-related services. If you used your vehicle for such purposes last year, you can deduct the eligible travel at 32 cents per mile.

This increased charitable mileage rate is only for Katrina-specific services. Travel for other charities at any time last yeat is worth the standard 14 cents a mile on your return.

Consult IRS regulations or your tax preparer if more information is needed.

Tax Deduction for Business Use of Your Car

If you used your car for business in 2006, you can deduct 44.5 cents per mile on your federal tax return.

If you haven't already, start now to keep a record of your business mileage for 2007. You'll get a deduction of 48.5 cents per mile. Keep a notebook and pen in your car to record business mileage. I keep mine in the storage area next to my seat. Every time I get in my car for business related travel I write down the date, purpose, and distance in my notebook.

On the first page of my notebook I record the mileage reading on my car's odometer for January 1st and December 31st of each year. Although these readings will include all miles driven by my car it is additional proof of mileage.

Business use of car for small business owners include:
  • Driving to the post office to mail catalogs, business literature, and products.
  • Driving to deliver catalogs and products to customers.
  • Driving to fairs, bazaars, trade shows, and other events where you are a vendor.
  • Driving to meet with business associates, such as monthly meetings or recruiting .
  • Driving to give an event or party at a hostess's home.
  • Always keep catalogs and samples in your car. If you leave some at your dentist, beauty salon, doctor, dry cleaners, or specialty store record the mileage in your notebook.
If you are unsure of a particular deduction always consult the IRS regulations ( ) or your tax preparer.

Phone Tax Refund - What a Surprise!

As a small business owner I am always looking for ways to save money on my taxes. I was definitely surprised with this tax refund.

Your 2006 federal income tax return contains a pleasant surprise, the refund of a long-distance telephone tax created to help fund the Spanish-American War.

The tax was adopted as a "luxury" tax in 1898 in the days of Teddy Roosevelt, when only wealthy people had telephone service. Federal courts have ruled that the 3 percent tax does not apply to long-distance service as it is billed today. However, telephone users will continue to pay federal taxes on local service.

Refund amounts vary with the number of a customer's income tax exemptions. For one exemption, the standard refund will be $30; two exemptions, $40; three, $50; four or more, $60.

For many individual taxpayers who want to take the standard amount, there are no additional forms to file, and you only need to fill out one additional line on your regular income-tax return.
Individuals choosing the standard amount can simply fill in the amount on Form 1040, 1040A, 1040NR or 1040EZ. People who don’t need to file a return can use a new, simple form (Form 1040EZ-T) to choose the standard amount.

The 2006 telephone tax refunds are expected to total $10 billion, and they cover long-distance telephone expenses incurred between Feb. 28, 2003, and Aug. 1, 2006. They're available to anyone who paid federal long-distance taxes on landline, cell phone or voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) service.

Think the standard refund isn't enough? If you are one of those people who keep every bill they ever received. There's another option: You could dig through 41 months of old bills to claim the actual long-distance taxes you paid. For more information, go to,,id=161506,00.html.

Monday, January 15, 2007

January 15, 2007 Issue of Around the Kitchen Table

Welcome back. A new issue of my Watkins Newsletter is ready for you to read.

Recipes in this issue include Italian Salad Dressing, Crispy Baked Ravioli, Zesty Chicken Italiano, Roast Glazed Loin of Pork, Baked Salmon with Herbs, Baked Ravioli in Tomato Sauce, Applesauce-Nut Bread, and Coconut Macaroons.

Read the cooking and health tips. The health tip leads to an article about Type-2 Diabetes.

Enter this month's newsletter contest and win a bottle of Lemon Cream Hand and Body Lotion.

Send me your testimonial; I'll give you a prize! Find out more in the newsletter.

Read this issue now:

Friday, January 12, 2007

What Are You Doing for Your Great Body?


Your heart will likely beat over 100,000 times.
Your blood will travel about 168,000 miles.
You will breathe about 23,000 times.
You will eat over three pounds of food.
You will drink three pounds of liquids.
You will turn in your sleep 25-30 times.
You may speak about 48,000 words.
You will use some 7,000,000 brain cells.

You have a GREAT body! It is a miraculous machine. It runs
on peanuts and even regenerates itself. With good care, your great
body can serve you for years to come.

Today, what will you do for yourself? Will you pick up that
exercise regimen you may have put off? Will you choose sensible
foods and get enough rest? Will you treat your body as the friend it
really is?

Will you start a Watkins Home Business to improve your life for the better? Find out how. Watkins Home Business

Free $20 Watkins Gift Certificate if you join our Watkins Summit Group Team, plus bonuses from Watkins and the Summit Group worth $375.

Do it today - for a great future!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

SiteReportCard: Web Site Optimization and Promotion Tools

Day 4

Today I came across a web site called SiteReportCard that provides free website analysis, optimization and promotion reports. These tools offer valuable information to help improve your web pages and increase your search engine ranking. They provide detailed reports on various aspects of your web pages including:

Broken Links
Misspelled Words
HTML Validation
Load Time Analysis
Meta Tag Optimization
Image Optimization
Search Engine Inclusion
Site Popularity
Keyword Analysis

You just type in your web site url and receive valuable statistics about your web site, information about what is good about your site and what is not good about your site. It also tells you what you need to do to improve your site for better search engine optimization.

Needless to say, the statistics show that I have several things I can do to improve my site and optimize it for the search engines.

So glad I found this site!

SiteReportCard: Web Site Optimization and Promotion Tools

Look for better search engine optimization for my Watkins web site Everyday

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Watkins Hand and Body Lotions - More Value for Your Money

Day 3 of 30 posts in 30 days challenge

The cold winter weather tends to dry out my skin, especially my hands.

Watkins Hand and Body Lotions give you more value for your money. Each lotion is now packaged in a plastic 11 fluid ounce/ 325 ml bottle with the pump dispenser attached. (Previous lotions were in an 8 fluid ounce bottle and the pump dispenser was extra.)

These high-quality lotions are enhanced with the skin conditioning properties of our exclusive six-botanical blend. The combination relieves chapping and roughness in a non-greasy formula. With six wonderful scents to choose from, there’s sure to be one or more to your liking!

Six Botanicals

Hypericum Extract: An essential oil with antibacterial
qualities; modern research has found it
useful for softening skin and preventing age spots.

Cornflower Extract: Said to have tonic and stimulating
properties; soothing qualities make it useful
for cosmetic preparations.

Linden Extract: Has healing and emollient properties;
a long history of use in poultices for treating
skin irritations.

Matricaria (German chamomile) Extract: This variety
of chamomile, also known as “true” chamomile,
lends its soothing qualities to skin preparations.
Used in ancient Arabia as a calming agent.

Calendula Extract: Has a reputation for reducing
scars and soothing varicose veins, and as an
ointment for skin irritations.

Chamomile (Roman) Extract: Like matricaria,
Roman chamomile is one of the most important
herbs for skin care; highly valued for its calming
and antiseptic properties.

Variety of Fragrances

10470 Aloe and Green Tea
10525 Citrus and Chamomile
10486 Lavender
10487 Lemon Cream
10520 Mango
10474 Vanilla

On special this month
US Regularly $8.99 Special $8.49
Canada Regularly $10.99 Special $9.99

Visit my Watkins Online Catalog

Getting the Most Out of Online Events

Day 2 of 30 posts in 30 days challenge

One method to let people know about your products and business opportunity is to be a vendor at an online event. Depending on the event you will be alloted 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or an hour for your presentation. Your fee for an event will range from $5 to $15. Look at an event as an advertising and networking opportunity. Invite online friends and newsletter subscribers to the event. Establish yourself as an expert on your products and company. Let your guests know, "What's in it for them."

If you’ve signed up for an online event (paid the fee for a time slot and donated a prize, if required), the most obvious first step is to show up.

Come prepared for the event and plan to stay for a few hours if it is an all day event. Join in on the activities; get to know the other vendors and visitors, and let them get to know you.

If you plan to sign up as a vendor it might be a good idea to attend a few online parties and chats before your first event. Learn how the chat room or party room works so you aren’t nervous and awkward. You don’t want to waste your time figuring out how to present your business information.

Follow proper chat etiquette. Never jump right in introducing yourself and your company as someone else is probably presenting. Wait for the party or chat hostess to greet you and explain how the event is being conducted. Often, the hostess will private message you so the presenter is not interrupted. Don’t be surprised if a message box pops up on your chat screen. The presenter will often welcome you to the event. Say “hello” and then wait for questions or your turn to present.

If you are a vendor at the event, plan ahead for your presentation. Write on a piece of paper a list of topics you plan to cover, such as product descriptions, discounts you are offering during the event, business opportunity information, your email address, and your web site URL. Keep your catalog and other business information near your computer for quick reference.

If you want to make sure you don’t forget something important, write your presentation out in Word and then “cut and paste” the information into the chat window. It’s easier for the guests to read short bits of information rather than long paragraphs.

When it is your turn to present, introduce yourself and tell what company you represent. Describe some of your products, giving their features and benefits, so your guests see how they would make their lives better. As your presentation progresses don’t get so wrapped up in the information you are typing that you overlook guest’s comments and questions. Welcome new guests as they arrive. You want them to know that you appreciate them taking time to attend.

If you write a company newsletter tell your guests about it and tell them how to subscribe.

If you offer a free catalog tell them how to request one.

Repeat your web site address, email address, and discount or special offer several times during your presentation or at least at the beginning and end.

If time permits play a game and give away a prize. Let your guests know at the beginning of your presentation that you will be playing a game a little later so they are attentive.

Games to play (tell guests where to find the answers before you begin, such as your web site or online catalog)
  • Unscrambling words relating to your products and business
  • First to answer questions about your products and business opportunity
  • Make up your own game about a holiday or special interest related to the online event.

Prizes for your game
  • Product samples
  • Small or pocket-size product
  • Gift certificate
  • E-book

Choose prizes that do not cost a lot to send to the winner to minimize your costs.

You may not be able to cover all the information and activities you have planned. It’s better to have too much prepared than not enough.

Most of all enjoy yourself. Get to know your guests and let them get to know you. Make your products and your company memorable.

Subscribe to Around the Kitchen Table - Watkins Newsletter

Find out how to start a Watkins Home Business

Monday, January 08, 2007

Free $20 Watkins Gift Certificate

Join my Watkins Summit Group team by Janaury 31, 2007 and I'll give you a $20 Watkins gift certificate.

You could also get over $375 in bonuses from Watkins and the Summit Group!

Bonus from Watkins
A customizable e-associate website, for online retailing of Watkins products at no cost to you. The site is yours to use free through April 30, 2007 (that's a value of $124.80 US or $151.80 CN).

Bonus from the Summit Group
Earn $250 US (or about $285 CN) in gift certificates for Watkins products of your choice by achieving recommended sponsoring and sales by April 30, 2007.

For details about these incentives and starter kit choices
Living Well

30 Posts in 30 Days

An online newsletter friend, Carrie Lauth, challenged her blogging friends to write 30 posts in 30 days. I like challenges because they help you develop good habits. When I join one I feel obligated (in a good way) to complete the challenge.

Today is my first day. Each day I will post about one of the following

  • how Watkins products and home business can improve your life
  • tips and advice about building any successful home-based business
  • recipes and cooking tips
  • Watkins Newsletter - Around the Kitchen Table

Read this issue of Around the Kitchen Table - Watkins Newsletter
Cooking tips, health tips, recipes, Watkins specials, and contest for free products.

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