Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Holiday Candy and Fudge Collection for the Holidays

Holiday Candy and Fudge Collection 

I have to admit chocolate candy and fudge are my favorite sweets for the holidays.

Are you looking for some yummy candy recipes for your holidays? This is a collection of candy and fudge recipes.

Includes Stages of Making Candy with tests and temperatures.

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BAKING VANILLA - The Joy of Baking

 Share the Joy of Baking with Watkins Baking Vanilla

 When our customers say, “Get me some of that wonderful Watkins Vanilla,” they’re talking about Watkins Baking Vanilla. Formerly known as “Watkins Original Double Strength Vanilla,” the new name better explains where this product shines.

There’s no better season to enjoy Watkins Baking Vanilla than right now, while our 8-ounce size is on sale! You’ll of course want one bottle plus a backup for yourself, but order extras to give as gifts.

Give Watkins Baking Vanilla as a gift and let others enjoy the fun of creating warm, delicious cookies and other tasty treats. It’s sure to be a holiday tradition! 

Watkins Baking Vanilla is our secret 8% low-alcohol formula, made with the world’s finest vanilla beans and fortified with stabilizers that make it the best all-purpose vanilla for baking and freezing. Because of the low alcohol content, the flavor won’t bake away or freeze away, leaving only the delicious Watkins aroma and flavor that families have enjoyed for generations. This extract enhances everything from chocolate chip cookies to cakes with premium flavor.

• Non-GMO
• Gluten Free
• Corn Syrup Free
• Made in the USA

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