Tuesday, January 30, 2018

CLEARANCE SALE While Supplies Last!

Watkins Clearance Sale
CLEARANCE sale while supplies last! J.R Watkins is clearing out all remaining holiday limited edition items from gift sets, lotions, soaps, candles and more! Get yours today while supplies last! Look under Special Offers - Limited Time Offers

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is - Buy Watkins Products

Why you should put your money where your heart is. 
Every few days I get inquiries about a Watkins product that a customer can't find or that isn't in the catalog. I usually have to tell the customer that the product is no longer available and was discontinued because of low sales.
 Customers' inquiries roll in:
 "Potato Salad Seasoning was my favorite product. I can't make my potato salad without the seasoning. My family will be so disappointed. Why would Watkins discontinue the seasoning?
 "I can't find the dessert mixes for pies. I need some to make my special chocolate pie recipe for a family reunion."
 "I can't find the Burn Cream. Do you have any for sale?
 "Where is the Soup and Vegetable Seasoning. I looked online and couldn’t find any."
 "What happened to Watkins Organic Spices?  The Organic Spices were my favorites!"
 “I was trying to order the Bacon and Onion Snack Dip, but I couldn’t find it. Can I order it from you?”
As the inquiries and requests keep rolling in, all I can think is, “Where were all of these people back when these top-quality products were available? Where was all of this love… then?!”
 If there’s something I really love—a Watkins product, a shop, a restaurant—then it’s my responsibility to support that business. Not just with my feelings and thoughts, but with my dollars and cents. We’ve got to show up for each other. For real. And tell all our friends and family about our favorites.
 Order Watkins products more often and ask friends and family to order with you. Order your favorite products from your Watkins Consultant  instead of buying them at the supermarket. Stock up when products are on sale. Watkins puts several products on sale every month.
When a guest asks for your recipe for a delicious dish that uses Watkins products, be sure to tell them that Watkins made it taste extra special. When  someone asks where you got that fabulous smelling liquid hand soap or dish soap, tell them you can help them with their order if you are a Consultant or tell them how to buy Watkins products.
Customers, order online for direct delivery to your home or order from your local Consultant. Your order might make all the difference in the world whether the product continues to be included in the product line or whether the home based business Consultant continues with her/his business.
Don’t wait until a product is discontinued to express how much you love Watkins. Do it now. Buy something now. Don’t wait. Because next month might be too late.
Place your direct ship order on my web site http://www.JRWatkins.com/consultant/eleisiawhitney or call Watkins at 1-800-WATKINS (1-800-928-5467) to place your order and give my name and ID# as your Consultant, Eleisia Whitney ID#335001.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Two Special Sign Up Promotions in January - Success in 2018!

Two Watkins Signup Specials this Month! 

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Eleisia Whitney ID# 335001
Independent Watkins Manager

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