Tuesday, March 18, 2014

WOW! Vanilla Extract Sale This Month!

All of our fantastic vanillas are on sale this month! Each is packaged in the 11 fluid ounce value size.

Watkins Original Double Strength Vanilla Extract
and Double Strength Imitation Clear Vanilla Extract
Watkins Original Double Strength Vanilla Extract, ll fl oz - regularly $14.99 special $13.99
This original, award-winning vanilla is made from the world's finest Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans. Our secret formula is low in alcohol and adds bake-proof, freeze-proof, double-strength flavor. Keep it as a staple in your kitchen for baked goods. Or, use it in milk shakes, pancakes, French toast, coffee, frostings, custards, and more. This product is Kosher.

Double Strength Imitation Clear Vanilla Extract, ll fl oz - regularly $10.99 special $9.99
This clear vanilla is best for wedding cakes and other baked goods that need to be pure white; turn to the choice of professional bakers. Our colorless vanilla has the bake-proof, freeze-proof, double-strength flavor of our famous original vanilla but without the color. this product is Kosher.

Watkins Pure Vanilla Extract
Watkins Pure Vanilla Extract, ll fl oz - regularly $19.99 special $18.49
Did you know it takes nearly a pound of precious vanilla beans to make one gallon of vanilla extract? If you can find vanilla beans at your local market, they probably retail for $3.00 or more each. We buy only the best grade of Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans to make this exquisite vanilla with its rich, all-natural aroma. Awarded the Cooking Club of America Member Tested & Recommended Seal of Approval. This product is Kosher.

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Friday, March 07, 2014

Start a Home Business in March

Watkins Gift Certificate Promotion!

Watkins is giving ALL NEW CONSULTANTS who join in March a FREE $15 Gift Certificate!

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Anyone who joins between March 1st and March 31st will get the free gift certificates that will be mailed 2-4 weeks after signing up.

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