Tuesday, October 21, 2008

J R Watkins Natural Apothecary Line Earns NPA Certification

The Natural Products Association has granted J R Watkins Natural Apothecary products the NPA Seal of compliance. To earn this coveted seal, products must be made of at least 95% natural ingredients from renewable and sustainable resources.

This highly regarded seal represents the national standard for truly natural products and is carried by only two other brands. This seal makes it easier for your customers to identify quality natural products.

J R Watkins Natural Apothecary packaging will be updated within the next few months. The first products approved by the NPA include our Natural Apothecary Lemon Cream Body Cream and Vanilla Body Cream.

Watkins Natural Apothecary Products

Monday, October 20, 2008

Watkins Home Business Opportunity

Let me tell you a little about Watkins and myself.

I grew up on a farm and my mom, grandmother, and aunts used Watkins vanilla and other extracts, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, pepper, and salves. Several years later after working as a teacher and office supervisor I learned that I could become a Watkins associate and buy products at a 25% discount and also sell the products and receive a 25% commission, I joined immediately.

I'm starting my sixth year with Watkins and am just as excited today about the products my family and I use in our home and the business opportunity as I was the day I showed my first catalog!

Through the years Watkins has expanded their product line to include over 350 superior quality products. They listen to the needs of their associates and customers and develop products that enhance everyone's lifestyle. This year Watkins introduced all-natural plant based personal care products and cleaning products that won't harm you, your family, or the environment. Watkins also offers 100% organic vanilla, herbs, and spices. As with the very first product J. R. Watkins introduced to farmers on the prairie 140 years ago, each of today's products comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

If you are considering the Watkins home business for yourself, I would like to sponsor you. Since it is important for you to use Watkins products in your home to experience their quality and goodness, I will give you a $20 Watkins gift certificate if you join Watkins with me as your sponsor.

If you would like to view Watkins Summit Group home business information, starter assortments, and enrollment informaton please go to my web site http://www.vanillasage.com
When you join with me as your sponsor you will become a member of the Summit Group and gain access to an extensive online training web site, a free recruiting web site, messsage boards, and weekly conference calls.

Sign up at the business information web site mentioned above or at http://www.watkinsonline.com/eleisiawhitney under Join Us - As an Associate, or call the Membership Line 800-928-5467 and give our name and ID# 335001 as your sponsor.

If you have any questions about starting a Watkins Home Business or our products do not hesitate to ask. Send me an email. eleisiawhitney@watkinsonline.com

Join now and share our wonderful vanilla, extracts, spices, herbs, lotions, and salves with your friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, and business associates to make their holiday baking and gift giving the best!

I would like to sponsor you!

Eleisia Whitney
Watkins Independent Manager #335001

Gourmet Ingredients, Remedies, Home Care
Order Products http://www.watkinsonline.com/eleisiawhitney
Or call 1-800-928-5467 or 1-800-WATKINS and give ID# 335001

Start a Home-Based Business for $39.95
Ask me how! http://www.vanillasage.com

Watkins Summit Group
Having Fun. Helping Friends.
Creating Wealth. Reaching Dreams

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Watkins Soup and Gravy Bases

Soup Bases - Versatile!

Watkins Soup and Gravy bases are among the products on sale in October. If you've never tried any of the Watkins Soup and Gravy bases, you should! They might look similar to any old can of soup, but these are NOT the same as typical condensed soup that makes one or two servings. These are dry mixes, that make up to 50 servings or more. So they are very economical.

Plus, they have so many uses for flavoring all kinds of dishes other than soup and gravy.

You can get these Soup and Gravy Base flavors:
Six Onion

And these two Gourmet Gravy Bases:
Gourmet Roasted Turkey

Additionally, Baked Potato Soup is part of this year's Seasonal Favorites line.

Here is how Watkins associates use these bases:

• I don't make much soup, so this may sound strange, but my favorite Watkins cooking products are the soup bases. I use them for so many things, sprinkling on chicken when I bake it, simmering it with rice, tossing it in with roasted potatoes. The uses are endless, and the results make the simplest dish seem like you really know what you're doing.

• I love the Chicken Soup mix! It got my kids to eat veggies after my mother-in-law used it in the cooking water.

• One of my favorite products is the Beef Soup Base. Before trying this product my children would not eat roast and after several days we would have to throw away left overs. Now we.re lucky to get one meal out of a roast with my kids.

• The Mushroom Soup Base is a huge time saver for making homemade spaghetti sauce. Instead of cooking my sauce of hours I know add a few tablespoons of Mushroom Soup Base. It thickens my sauce and adds a lovely light mushroom flavour that even my picky step-daughter can deal with.

• My single most favorite product is the onion soup. I like being able to fix a cup of good soup instantly. My favorite soup is a pack of ramen noodles (throw away their seasonings), some pepperoni (turkey is best, less fat) and two teaspoons of the onion soup. It's delicious and ready in a couple of minutes.

• I take a bag of frozen green beans or green peas and I mix in 1 Tbsp of butter/margarine, 1/2 tsp of cinnamon, 1 Tbsp splenda (or sugar if you prefer), a couple shakes of Garlic Liquid Spice, 2 Tbsp of water and 2 Tbsp of the Six Onion Soup base, then microwave for about 5 minutes, and sprinkle with Minced Green Onion right before serving.

• We have a customer whose step-dad recently had part of his tongue amputated due to cancer. Due to the chemo, his taste buds are about shot. My customer said that she needs more Beef Soup base, that she is almost out. You see, the only thing that the family found that dad will eat is our Watkins Beef Soup Base, because, it is the only thing that he can taste and he LOVES the flavor.

• I just returned from a Good Tastings party and I made a Six Onion Cheese Ball, What a hit! Everyone loved it. I have also tried the Six Onion Mashed Potatoes and are those yummy! (find recipes on www.WatkinsOnline.com/eleisiawhitney).

Product Tips:
• You can find other great recipes for the Soup and Gravy bases by going to www.WatkinsOnline.com/eleisiawhitney, then click Recipes (in the left-hand column), and use the Recipe Search box to enter the item number of a Soup or Gravy flavor (for example, 21175 for Beef or 21176 for Chicken).

• If a recipe calls for a cream soup, like cream of mushroom or cream of chicken, just whip up one of the Watkins bases according to the gravy directions, which would typically be about the same consistency as a cream-style soup.

Watkins Aloha Fruit Dip

1 package (8 oz.) cream cheese, softened
1 jar (7 oz.) marshmallow cream
1 tsp. Watkins Ginger
2 tsp. Watkins Rum Extract
1/8 tsp. Watkins Orange Extract (optional)
Dash Watkins Nutmeg

Combine all ingredients and beat until smooth. Place in serving bowl and sprinkle a small amount of nutmeg on top for garnish.

Serve with assorted pieces of fresh fruit placed on cocktail picks.

Shop for Watkins Products at http://www.watkinsonline.com/eleisiawhitney

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

New Seasoning Blends - Garlic Herb and Barbecue

Watkins Seasoning Blends - Garlic Herb and Barbecue

Great news!

Our newest seasonings are available immediately!

01913 Barbecue Seasoning (2.1 oz/60 g)
01912 Garlic Herb Seasoning (1.5 oz/43 g)
$4.99 each or buy Barbecue Seasoning (01913), get Garlic Herb (01912) for $3.99!

Meet the newest members to the Natural Gourmet Seasoning Blend line! Spice up your cuisine with these convenient, pre-mixed blends. Our garlic herb blend boasts a combination of savory herbs with a splash of garlic. Use as a rub for chicken, pork, and turkey. Our new barbecue blend combines all the smoky, sweet flavors you've come to expect from a backyard barbecue. Rub generously on chicken, beef and steak - enjoy! Both offer the perfect complement to your mouth–watering beef, chicken pork or turkey recipes.

Garlic & Herb Chicken

4 chicken breasts, boneless skinless
2 tbsp/30 mL Watkins Original Grapeseed Oil
3 tsp/15 mL Watkins Garlic Herb Seasoning

Preheat oven to 350ºF/180ºC. Place chicken in a shallow roasting pan. Rub Watkins Original Grapeseed Oil on each chicken breast. Sprinkle with Watkins Garlic Herb Seasoning. Cover and bake for 30 to 40 minutes.

Shop at http://www.notjustvanilla.com/