Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The One Minute Business - Join September 2015 - $20 Gift Certificate

The One Minute Business is a highly-focused business method. Consultants who follow this method simply share information about the business with others, sponsor interested people to build a team, and use Watkins products in their own homes (rather than traditional methods of retailing products). 

The key step to success - your earnings from the One Minute Business rely on building a team of people who use J.R. Watkins products. So, you need to share information about your business with other people in a relaxed, non-pushy way. Luckily, that can be as simple as having someone visit your informational website. All you have to do is give people the special link to your informational website. When someone decides to join, Watkins places them under you in the team.  

Join Watkins this month and get a $20 gift certificate mailed one to two weeks after you sign up.

Free no obligation details about The One Minute Business http://www.TheOneMinuteBusiness.com/335001 

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