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Believe to Succeed in Network Marketing

Watkins is a network marketing company. To succeed in any network marketing company, the following progressive levels of belief must be developed to be successful.

  • I believe in the integrity of the company I have affiliated with.
  • I believe in the superior quality of the products/services I represent.
  • I believe in network marketing as a business/marketing strategy.
  • I believe that others' lives will be improved by this industry and the company and products I represent.
  • I believe this company has a fair and unlimited compensation potential.
  • I believe someone could succeed in this company if they worked hard, consistently, and did not quit.
  • I believe that I will work this business hard, consistently and not quit.
  • I believe I can succeed in this business.
  • I believe I WILL succeed in this business.
  • I believe in myself.

Having a strong system of belief is important because it is a self-fulfilling circle.

  • Strong Belief leads to
  • Self-Motivation, which leads to
  • Consistent Business-Building Activity, which leads to
  • Productive Results, which leads to
  • Even Stronger Belief in what you're doing!

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Holiday Shopping Guide

Wahms United is proud to present our second issue of the Holiday Shopping Guide, a free, instant download to help customers find the deals they need on the products they want for all their holiday gift giving!

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Holiday Shopping Guide

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Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Wahm Blog - The Ultimate Blogging Resource for Work at Home Moms is a blogging resource and directory dedicated to helping the work at home mom get started and succeed in the blogosphere.

Blogging is a great way for someone to get their “feet wet” online, without investing a lot of money, while they are learning to navigate their way through the web.

Wahm-Blog is not just a blog directory. They are an online blogging resource to help you become a better work at home blogger. They’ll be adding workshops and an online e-course, too. Stay tuned for the upcoming additions!

Each week, they’ll be featuring one of the listed blogs and registered authors, too! If you’re blog isn’t listed, get it in there now and become a registered author in our articles directory.

Wahm-Blog.com is owned and managed by Patty Gale, who has been successfully working from home since 2001.

Her company, Four O’Clock Publishing, LLC, is run from the corner office of her home.

Monday, November 20, 2006

The Spices of Life

Without thinking about it, you probably reach into your spice cabinet at least once a day. Hard to believe, but spices were once rare, expensive commodities. In fact, men went on quests in search of these elusive flavor enhancers (and we all know that one of those searches lead Columbus to the New World). Today, with the growing popularity of Mediterranean, Mexican, Tex-Mex, Cajun, Creole, Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines, spices are more popular than ever. And happily, they are easily accessible. But we still consider spices precious indeed. After all, what would life—and eating—be like without a little spice? Spice up your life and your meals!

How to Use Spices

Keep these guidelines in mind when buying, storing and using spices.

  • Always buy spices in small amounts.
  • Most spices don't need refrigeration—you can store them in a cool, dark place (but keep them away from heat).
  • However, some spices (especially red-colored ones like chili powder, cayenne pepper and paprika) should be refrigerated to prevent loss of color and flavor. You should also refrigerate or freeze oil-rich seeds such as poppy and sesame to prevent rancidity. And in hot climates you might want to put all your spices in the fridge to guard against infestation.
  • Check spices twice a year for freshness—discard bottles which have little or no scent.
  • Most spices will stay fresh for six months to a year. To help keep track of things, write the date on the bottle when you buy a new spice so you will know when it's grown old.
  • Remember that whole spices stay fresh longer than ground. You might want to invest in a small coffee grinder, small food processor, pepper grinder or mortar and pestle for quick grinding.
  • A great way to boost the taste and aroma of many spices is to toast them. Here's how: Heat a heavy skillet over medium heat until hot. Add spice; toast 2 to 5 minutes or until spice is fragrant and lightly browned, stirring constantly to prevent burning. Remove from heat and use immediately.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with spices by adding them to your favorite dishes (start with a small amount, then add more if you like the result).
Basic Spice Glossary

The dried berry of the allspice tree smells like a mix of cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg—but it’s a spice all its own. Use in baking, pickling and sausage.

Anise Seed
This close cousin to fennel seed has a subtle licorice-like flavor. Use in liqueurs, cakes and cookies.

Basil’s light licorice/clove/mint-like taste is important in most areas of the Mediterranean, but it is also highly prized in Thailand, where a similar variety is called “holy basil.” Blends well with all other herbs. Use in all Italian and tomato dishes, scrambled eggs, soufflĂ©s, omelets, Welsh rarebits, roast beef, pork or veal, meat pies, casseroles, and stews, herb stuffings, vegetable juices, seafood cocktails, tomato, orange, or butter sauces, French and Russian dressings.

Bay Leaves
The leaves of the bay laurel tree. The main sources are California and Turkey. Watkins uses Turkish bay leaves (also grown in surrounding countries), generally considered to be more flavorful than the larger California variety. Essential for soups, stews, poaching liquids, casseroles and sauces.

This relative of gingerroot is available ground or in pods of about 20 seeds. The sweetish, hottish flavor is popular in Scandinavian dishes as well as East Indian cooking.

Cayenne Pepper
Though technically an herb, fiery hot cayenne pepper is usually grouped with spices in the kitchen. Made from ground dried hot chilis, cayenne is popular in Mexican and Southwestern dishes.

Celery Seed
The fruit of the wild celery plant is sold whole, ground or mixed with salt. Its strong flavor is good in fish dishes and salads.

Chili Powder
Although many associate this product with Mexican cooking, chili powder originated in Texas for use in chile con carne. A salt-free, balanced blend of ground mild chile peppers, cumin, garlic and oregano. Use in chili, Mexican dishes, eggs, omelets, sauces, soups, cottage cheese, rice, meat, fish, cocktail sauce, gravies, stews, vegetables.

The leaves of the coriander plant, cilantro is also known as “Mexican parsley” or “Chinese parsley.” Its flavor is totally different from the seeds, which are used as a spice, mostly in curry powders. Cilantro is a popular flavoring herb and garnish essential to salsas, Latin, Indian, Middle Eastern and Asian dishes; great in vegetable dishes, with meats and fish, and most tomato dishes.

An important baking spice, the dried bark of a member of the laurel family is sold whole and ground. It is especially delicious with apples.

The dried flower buds of the clove tree are sold whole or ground and used in pickling spice, baked ham, mulled wine and baked goods.

Coriander Seed
From the coriander plant (a member of the parsley family), coriander seed has a slightly tart, citrusy flavor. It’s sold whole and ground. Try it in East Indian and Mexican dishes.

Cumin Seed
An essential spice with an assertive flavor, cumin is used extensively in Mexican cooking and is a main ingredient in prepared chili powder. Available whole or ground.

Curry Powder
A ground blend of as many as 20 spices, Curry Powder is one of the world’s oldest spice blends.
It originated in England and was designed to give the characteristic flavor of Indian curry cookery, which became popular during the British colonization of India. It has grown to be used as a single spice in Western kitchens, and is very popular in the Caribbean as well. Use generously in Indian and Caribbean curries, and sparingly in Western dishes such as eggs, deviled eggs, fish, shrimp, parsley, meats, vegetables, rice, French dressing, white sauce, fish chowders, soups, salted nuts, and sweet pickles.

Dill Seed
It wouldn’t be a pickle without this fruit of the dill plant. Sold whole, the seed flavors breads, salads and seafood.

Fennel Seed
The licorice-flavored seed of the fennel plant perks up pork, pasta, bread and seafood.

Five Spice Powder
This ancient and intriguing blend comes from China and Vietnam, where it has long been used
to add a warm flavor and mysterious fragrance to a variety of stir-fries and other dishes. Especially great for chicken, pork, and a variety of stir-fries. Contains Watkins famous Black Pepper and Cinnamon with other spices.

Oriental cooking just wouldn’t be the same without this flavorful root. Ginger is grated and sliced and added to meats and vegetables. Ground, it’s used in baking.

Italian Seasoning
A traditional blend of Italian herbs and spices makes superb spaghetti sauce and main dishes. Add to plain tomato sauce to give authentic flavor to most pasta dishes; also great with meats and vegetables.

This member of the mint family is closely related to oregano; in fact, oregano is a wild version of marjoram. The gentler, sweeter marjoram is preferred in the cuisines of France and parts of Italy, as well as in traditional American dishes like corn chowder. Excellent with chicken and turkey, stuffings, vegetables, beans and bean soup, corn chowder, and most tomato dishes. Use in place of oregano for a milder taste, or combine with it for balance on pizza or in sauces. Also blends well with basil, thyme, and most Mediterranean herbs.

The seed of the mustard plant is sold whole, ground or as a prepared condiment. Whole, the pungent flavor is used in East Indian dishes. The ground form seasons meats and salads.

Nutmeg is the pit of the nutmeg fruit (part of the shell is another spice, called mace). A delicate spice, sold whole or ground, nutmeg is used in sweet and savory dishes.

A wild variety of marjoram, although a bit stronger and with a pleasant bitter undertone.
Widely used in Greece and Italy, with a stronger, cruder version grown in Mexico.
Best known for its use on pizza; also excellent in pasta sauces, pork, veal, fish, vegetables, dressings, gravies, seafood, poultry, grilled tomatoes and all tomato dishes, white sauces, ground beef and pork, Greek, Italian and Mexican dishes, chili, egg dishes, and salads.

A spice made from ground, dried peppers, paprika’s flavor ranges from sweet to incendiary. Sweet paprika is used mostly for coloring; the fiery hot sort is used in Hungarian dishes.

This delicious, nutritious herb has a refreshing taste that goes extremely well with garlic, onion, lemon, and any herb. Although dried parsley has often been called flavorless, you’ll find ours to be a pleasant surprise. Add to butter sauces for meats, poultry, fish and vegetables, scrambled eggs, stuffings, soups, chowders, salads, and dressings.

Pepper berries are grown on a vine. The same plant produces both white and black pepper—white peppercorns are just riper than black ones. Buy whole and grind for best flavor.

Poppy Seed
The mature seed of the poppy flower is sold whole and in paste form. Use in both sweet and savory baking.

Red Pepper Flakes
These crushed dried red chiles, mostly from cayenne-related varieties, are the famous table seasoning in pizzerias. Because they include the seeds, they are very hot. Highly versatile, and used in most cuisines throughout the world. Use in pickling, chowders, gumbos, pizza and spaghetti sauces, and in making sausage; also excellent for meats, seafood, eggs and egg dishes, soups, cheese dishes, sauces and gravies, vegetables and vegetable juices, curries, creamed dishes, souffles and croquettes.

The name “rosemary,” derived from Latin, means “dew of the sea”—appropriate because the herb thrives in the dry climate and salty sea spray of the Mediterranean shores. Its pungent minty/evergreen flavor is a favorite in Italy and Provence, especially in dishes simmered with wine, olive oil and garlic. At its best with roasted or grilled lamb, pork, poultry and game; also excellent with potatoes and vegetables, stews, marinades and breads. Lends a surprising twist to apple jelly and poached pears.

This Mediterranean herb got its name because of the ancient belief that it strengthened the memory and imparted wisdom. Dalmatian sage, the world’s best variety, comes from the area that is now Albania and Croatia. Excellent in poultry stuffing, especially with onion; its flavor and digestive properties make it perfect for pork, sausages, goose and other rich meats; also enhances risotto, chowders and tomato sauces.

Sesame Seed
One of the oldest spices, sesame seed is sold whole, or ground into a paste called tahini. Use in candy, baking and Middle Eastern and Oriental cooking.

Originally native to Siberia, Tarragon is best known for its use in French cuisine; the very best tarragon is grown in France. Its bittersweet flavor is reminiscent of anise, and it is most widely used as a flavoring for vinegar. Complements chicken and fish dishes, lobster, beef and lamb, as well as salads and dressings, mustard sauces, and the classic béarnaise sauce.

One of the great European culinary herbs, and perhaps our most versatile. Closely related to oregano, with a stronger, more balsam-like flavor that has made it a favorite far beyond its Mediterranean origins—from the British Isles to North America to the Caribbean. Excellent with meat, fish and poultry, tomato dishes, stuffings, stews and sauces, vegetable juice, clam juice, seafood cocktails, cream and cottage cheese spreads, clam and fish chowders, marinades, gravies, vegetables.

Adapted from CookingVillage.com

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Watkins Gold Medal Sampler

The Gold Medal Sampler is our classic assortment of the three products that made Watkins a household name! Original Double-Strength Vanilla (2 fl. oz.), regular-sized Cinnamon and Black Pepper are boxed and ready to give to the teacher, babysitter or anyone else who would love a box of superior Watkins quality.

05961 Gold Medal Sampler US $15.99
Watkins Online Catalog

Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse

Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse uses one of our Limited-Edition Holiday Extracts. You can find this extract under Holiday Gifts and Entertaining - 2006 Our other Limited-Edition Extracts include Anise, Irish Cream, and Danish Pastry.

1 Watkins Chocolate Dessert Mix pudding recipe
2 cups/500 mL whipped cream
1 1/2 tsp/7.5 mL Watkins Hazelnut Extract

Prepare pudding recipe according to package directions. Cool slightly and whisk 1/2 tsp/2.5 mL of Hazelnut Extract into the pudding. Cover the top of the pudding with plastic wrap and let cool to room temperature. In a separate bowl, combine 2 cups/500 mL of whipped cream with 1 tsp/5 mL of Hazelnut Extract. Beat this mixture in a chilled bowl until it begins to thicken. Fold the whipped cream into pudding and spoon the mousse into desired serving dishes. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

Good Tastings Host Rewards Extended for 2007

30% Host Rewards Extended for 2007

Watkins has again extended the 30% host reward for level 2 Good Tastings events. Good Tastings is Watkins party plan. People sample Watkins products at an informal get together.

Good Tastings hosts earn free Watkins products as a thank you from Watkins for hosting a Good Tastings event. The amount of free product a host receives depends on the product sales from the event. In other words: the larger the event, the larger the host gift.

For level 1 events, events with sales between $150 - $499.99 US/$250 - $699.99 CDN, your host earns 10% of the event sales in free Watkins products.

For level 2 events, events with sales of more than $500 US/$700 CDN, your host earns 30% of the event sales in free Watkins products.

The 30% host reward on level 2 events has been extended through December 31, 2007. Normally, a level 2 event earns 15% of event sales in free products for the host.

If you like to give parties then joining Watkins with the Good Tastings Kit is something you should consider. Join for $99.00 US or $125.00 CDN.

The kit includes our Business Introduction Kit with business materials, catalogs, and samples plus the Good Tastings Kit with party materials and enough products to give four Good Tastings Events.

Watkins 2006 Holiday Gift Line and Gift Ideas

If you are looking for gift ideas download our Gift Line Ideas and Tips

See these great ideas for teacher gifts, grab bag gifts, pot lucks, holiday entertaining, co-workers, hostess gifts, and stocking stuffers.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Holiday Wassail and Mulled Wine

Watkins Traditional Cider Brew

Hot spiced apple cider is one of our favorite holiday drinks. This blend of whole spices is perfect for cider or mulled wine, and adds a delightful holiday ambience as simmering potpourri.

You can find Cider Brew under Holiday Gifts and Entertaining - 2006 at my Watkins online catalog http://www.watkinsonline.com/eleisiawhitney

Happy Holidays! Enjoy these recipes!

Holiday Wassail

3 cups apple juice or cider
3 cups cranberry juice cocktail
1 cup water
1/3 cup brown sugar
2 tablespoons Watkins Cider Brew

Pour liquid ingredients and brown sugar into a large saucepan or crock pot. Place remaining ingredients in a coffee filter or cheese cloth tied with a piece of string and add to the pan or crockpot. Place over medium heat and simmer for 20 minutes.

Mulled Wine

1 tablespoon Watkins Cider Brew
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 cup unsweetened pineapple juice
1/2 cup water
1/4 cup orange juice
1 orange, sliced
1 1/2 cups dry red wine

Place Cider Brew in metal tea boil or small piece of cheesecloth tied with a string. Place in a large kettle with brown sugar, water, juices, and orange slices. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer 15 minutes. Stir in wine and heat but do not boil.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Christmas Gifts For Children and For Our Troops Overseas

Christmas is a time of giving and sharing with others less fortunate or in need. There are many people where you live who won't have a Christmas dinner or presents without your help.

If you'd like to help other needy children and support our troops visit these web sites for information.

Operation Christmas Child at Samaritan's Purse provides Christmas gifts to children all over the world.

If you'd like to support our troops visit Operation Shoebox which sends shoeboxes of goodies to military personnel deployed overseas.

A testimonial from Lilly about Watkins Organic Cleaner

I'm always thrilled to hear from one of my online friends. Here is a testimonial from a satisfied Watkins shopper. Lilly earned a $10 Watkins gift certificate for purchasing $100 worth of Watkins products in one year. You can earn a gift certificate too! Her order of $75 or more was also shipped free.

"We are painting our kitchen today. We have some vinyl molding we are removing and thought of replacing until I scraped off most of the glue then used some Watkins Organic Cleaner on it to remove any residue to find that it also removed 99.9% of the glue. That's pretty darn good if you ask me. Now, instead of replacing it, we are going to reglue it and reuse it. It cleaned up nicely with a shine thanks to Watkins Organic Cleaner.

Thank you. By the way, now my husband wants a gallon of the Watkins Organic Cleaner of his own so I'm going to order it next week on your website using my $10 gc."

Lilly, thanks for sharing your experience using Watkins Organic Cleaner.

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Pumpkin Swirl Bread

I baked this pumpkin bread a few days ago and it is absolutely the best pumpkin bread I have ever tasted. It has just the right amount of spices and the sour cream and cream cheese swirl makes it moist and delicious. This recipe bakes two large loaves. Slice one loaf for you and your family to enjoy. Freeze the other for the holidays or give to a friend or relative. Be sure to attach the recipe.

This recipe will definitely go into my "Family Favorites" cookbook, an accumulation of recipes I use over and over again.

Sour cream and cream cheese combine for a delightful white swirl in this pumpkin bread.

Filling Ingredients

1 cup sour cream

1/4 cup sugar

4 ounces cream cheese, softened

1 egg

Bread Ingredients

3 1/2 cups all-purpose flour

2 teaspoons baking soda

1 teaspoon Watkins Ground Cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon Watkins Ground Ginger

1/2 teaspoon Watkins Ground Nutmeg

2 2/3 cups sugar

1 cup vegetable oil

1/3 cup water

1 (15-ounce) can pumpkin

4 eggs

Heat oven to 350 degrees F. Grease and flour 2 (9x5-inch) loaf pans. Set aside.

Combine all filling ingredients in small bowl. Beat at medium speed, scraping bowl often, until well mixed. Set aside.

Combine flour, baking soda, cinnamon, salt, ginger and nutmeg in small bowl.

Combine 2 2/3 cups sugar, oil, water, pumpkin and 4 eggs in large bowl. Beat at low speed, scraping bowl often, until smooth. Continue beating, gradually adding flour mixture and scraping bowl often, until well mixed.

Spoon 1/4 (about 2 cups) pumpkin batter into each prepared loaf pan. Carefully spread half of filling mixture over batter in each pan; top each pan evenly with remaining pumpkin batter. Pull knife or spatula through batter and filling to create swirl effect.

Bake for 65 to 70 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool 10 minutes; remove from pans. Cool completely. Makes two 9x5 inch loaves.

Nutrition Facts (1 serving)
Calories: 300, Fat: 14g, Cholesterol: 55mg, Sodium: 190mg, Carbohydrates: 41g, Dietary Fiber: 1g, Protein: 4g

Purchase the cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg at Watkins Online While you are there look at our complete line of products for your pantry, for your medicine chest, and for your home.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Unadvertised Menthol Camphor Ointment Special (US Only)

Buy one Menthol-Camphor Ointment tin and get one limited edition Menthol-Camphor Ointment in the gym-friendly plastic jar for just $4.99!

06612 Menthol-Camphor Ointment 3.53 oz. jar (U.S. Only)
Menthol-Camphor Ointment (Medicated Ointment in Canada) in the 117 g/4 1/8 oz. tin is already specially priced during October and November Promotions. But while supplies last, customers and Associates in the U.S. who purchase the Menthol-Camphor tin can also purchase the 3.53 oz. Menthol-Camphor, gym-friendly plastic jar for just $4.99 US—$3.00 off the suggested retail price!

02358 Menthol-Camphor Ointment 4 1/8 oz. tin (U.S. Only)
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06612 Menthol-Camphor Ointment 3.53 oz. jar (U.S. Only)
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Limited Quantities

32358 Medicated Ointment 117 g/4 1/8 oz tin (Canada Only)
Regularly $10.99 CDN
October and November price: $8.99 CDN

Tips for Holiday Baking and Freezing

You don’t always have time to bake elaborate desserts during the holiday rush. But what if I told you that some scrumptious sweets can be made ahead and frozen; and no one would ever be able to taste or see the difference? Yum

Of course there's no time better than the holidays to have homemade sweets on hand—no time busier, either. But, happily, lots of sweets can be baked early, stowed in the freezer, and pulled out at party time, their taste, texture, good looks, and power to delight completely intact. Here's how to get it right—plus a few no-fail recipes for bake-and-freeze desserts.

Begin with butter
Pound cakes, tight-grained loaf cakes, sturdy Bundts, brownies, cookies—all the butter-based sweets—freeze best.

Freeze pies raw
Fruit pies make fine freezables, but you should get them into the freezer right after they're assembled. Then, pull out and bake.

Don't freeze creams
Meringues, puddings, custards, creams, mousses, and whips don't freeze well—some break down, some weep, and they all lose their lovely textures in the defrosting process.

Cool first, freeze second
A sweet isn't really finished until it's cooled—cooling is what sets the texture and gives the flavors time to blend.

Pack it airtight
Oxygen is what causes freezer burn. There are fancy freezer containers on the market, but old-school twist-tied plastic bags or plastic wrap is most effective. Because the seal should be snug, draw together the top of the bag, then suck out as much air as possible before shutting it tight with a twist tie.

Label everything
Put the name of your goody on the bag (mystery cakes are as frustrating as mystery meat), and mark the date that you made it.

Defrost slowly
It's best to put the frozen dessert—still in its wrapping—in the refrigerator to defrost overnight, then bring it to room temperature before serving. If you're in a rush, go directly from freezer to counter. Never defrost frozen desserts in the microwave. That's a sure-fire way to cook or melt them.

Exerpted from Hot Freezables By Dorie Greenspan

Dorie Greenspan is an award-winning cookbook author. Her latest, Baking: From My Home to Yours, will be published by Houghton Mifflin in November.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Two New Products - Roasted Turkey Gourmet Gravy Mix and Watkins Sampler

Two New Watkins Products Available November 1

Roasted Turkey Gourmet Gravy Mix (01173) $7.99

There’s nothing like Grandma’s homemade gravy over mashed potatoes. Inspired by Grandma Watkins’ original recipe, our new Roasted Turkey Gourmet Gravy Mix makes it simple to enjoy this comforting favorite everyday; just add water, simmer and taste. Savor the rich, made-from-scratch flavor, just like being in Grandma’s kitchen!

Watkins Sampler (10530) $18.99

Eight reasons to try some of our most popular products, all packaged in a sturdy reusable logo bag and ready for travel or gift giving.

Watkins Sampler Contains:

  • Aloe and Green Tea Hand and Body Lotion 1 fl oz.29 mL
  • Vanilla Hand and Body Lotion 1 fl oz/ 29 mL
  • Peppermint Foot Cream 1 fl oz/ 29 mL
  • Mango Shea Butter .70 oz/ 20 g
  • Lemon Cream Shea Butter .70 oz/ 20 g
  • All-Natural Lavender Hand and Cuticle Salve .25 oz/ 7 g
  • All-Natural Lemon Hand and Cuticle Salve .25 oz/ 7 g
  • All-Natural Lemon Body Oil 1 fl oz/ 29 mL

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