Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A testimonial from Lilly about Watkins Organic Cleaner

I'm always thrilled to hear from one of my online friends. Here is a testimonial from a satisfied Watkins shopper. Lilly earned a $10 Watkins gift certificate for purchasing $100 worth of Watkins products in one year. You can earn a gift certificate too! Her order of $75 or more was also shipped free.

"We are painting our kitchen today. We have some vinyl molding we are removing and thought of replacing until I scraped off most of the glue then used some Watkins Organic Cleaner on it to remove any residue to find that it also removed 99.9% of the glue. That's pretty darn good if you ask me. Now, instead of replacing it, we are going to reglue it and reuse it. It cleaned up nicely with a shine thanks to Watkins Organic Cleaner.

Thank you. By the way, now my husband wants a gallon of the Watkins Organic Cleaner of his own so I'm going to order it next week on your website using my $10 gc."

Lilly, thanks for sharing your experience using Watkins Organic Cleaner.

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