Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Believe to Succeed in Network Marketing

Watkins is a network marketing company. To succeed in any network marketing company, the following progressive levels of belief must be developed to be successful.

  • I believe in the integrity of the company I have affiliated with.
  • I believe in the superior quality of the products/services I represent.
  • I believe in network marketing as a business/marketing strategy.
  • I believe that others' lives will be improved by this industry and the company and products I represent.
  • I believe this company has a fair and unlimited compensation potential.
  • I believe someone could succeed in this company if they worked hard, consistently, and did not quit.
  • I believe that I will work this business hard, consistently and not quit.
  • I believe I can succeed in this business.
  • I believe I WILL succeed in this business.
  • I believe in myself.

Having a strong system of belief is important because it is a self-fulfilling circle.

  • Strong Belief leads to
  • Self-Motivation, which leads to
  • Consistent Business-Building Activity, which leads to
  • Productive Results, which leads to
  • Even Stronger Belief in what you're doing!

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Great post Elysia!