Saturday, May 25, 2019

Many 2 Ounce Extracts at Never Before Seen Prices! 

Save Up to 62%

The two ounce extracts are fresh product, with "best if used by dates" well into 2020 or 2021. 

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Extracts listed with orange background are overstock.
Extracts listed with gray background are being discontinued.

If you are a Watkins Consultant you may also receive a Consultant discount!

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Win Free Vanilla Giveaway - May Sales Specials



Don't forget to enter our WIN FREE VANILLA Giveaway! One winner drawn each month, no purchase necessary - what have you got to lose? Enter and watch your email around the 5th of the next month. Up to $100 in FREE WATKINS FOOD PRODUCTS! Enter contest here....

 When you enter to win the monthly giveaway, you will be given a personalized link you can share with your friends and family. If your friend wins, you will also win a matching prize! Names chosen at random from entrants each month.

Two Ways to Win

• Enter the contest at this web site If your name is chosen you win $100 in Watkins products. Drawing each month.

• Share your personalized link with friends and family and ask them to enter the contest. If their name is chosen you and they both win an assortment worth approximately $100!

You don't have to place an order to win but we certainly welcome all orders. 

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Got more than $150 in orders and order often? You may want to consider getting a Watkins membership for $29.95/year. An order of $150 will get you 15% discount and free Shipping and Handling. Higher discounts available on larger amounts plus you can sell products and earn income. (No autoshipments or quotas, order for personal, business or both!)  Learn more about a Watkins membership here...

Just want to see what's on sale and put in a personal order for now? Sounds great! Visit the Watkins website here, click the flag of the country you belong to and browse away! Special Offers shows the products on sale this month. Add items to your cart, checkout and have the items delivered to your door!