Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Four Watkins Business Starter Kits to Choose From

Watkins is a company with staying power, since 1868. When you join Watkins you have a choice of four starter kits.

  • Business Introduction Package (#09712 US / #09715 Canada)
    $59.95 US / $69.95 Canada

  • Good Tastings Kit (#77061 US / #77062 Canada)
    Retail Value—over $150 US / $200 Canada • Your Price—$99 US / $125 Canada

    The following two kits allow you to design your own Business Starter Kit

    New Watkins Associates can design their own Watkins Starter Kit by choosing the consumer products that will fill out their kit. When a new Associate purchases either the new Essential Business Starter Kit or the new Expanded Business Starter Kit he or she will receive a gift certificate for the Watkins products of his or her choice. Here are the new kits available to new Associates:

  • Essential Business Kit (#09810 US/#09811 Canada)
    $169.00 US/ $219.00 CDN (Valued at $265.79 US/$349.90 CDN)

    Business Introduction Package
    Gift Certificate $200.00 US/$250.00 CDN

  • Expanded Business Kit (#09812 US/#09813 Canada)
    $286.00 US/$369.00 CDN (Valued at $430.74 US/$571.04 CDN)

    Business Introduction Package
    Gift Certificate $300.00 US/$375.00 CDN
    E-Associate Package (online associate web site)

The kits and gift certificates will be sent out separately. Gift certificates can be used for products only (can’t be used for tax, shipping and handling, or business materials) and must be redeemed in one order.

Watkins will include a list of our most popular products with the gift certificates to help new Associates choose the products that will aid them in building their business.

Find our how to start a Watkins Home Business. Read our free, no obligation ebook.

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