Friday, March 23, 2007

My Reply to a Prospect Inquiring About Watkins and the Summit Group

Question from prospect:

"I have some interest in establishing a home business with online selling, and your products look doable. However, there are a lot of scams out there. Can you give me some references like the Better Business Bureau, or other online sources, to check out Watkins and the summit group?"

My reply:

Watkins and the Summit Group are definitely not scams. Watkins is a network marketing company and has been in business since 1868, 138 years! A network marketing company is one that relies mainly on its associates to sell its products and recruit other associates to sell its products. The president of Watkins Incorporated is Mark Jacobs. The Jacobs family purchased the Watkins Company from the Watkins family many years ago and has continued with its growth and development. Watkins has offices in Winona, Minnesota, and Winnepeg, Manitoba Canada. Its products are sold in the United States and Canada by Watkins Associates. Watkins does some wholesale distributing in foreign countries but not through its associates.

The Summit Group is the largest and fastest growing group of Watkins associates. Our leaders, Steve and Ginny Bretzke, provide training and guidance for all of its group. They have been with Watkins for 16 years and have reached the millionaire level.

I've been with Watkins for 4 1/2 years and have never had a complaint. You can read testimonials from my customers at

These products hold a special place in my heart because my grandmother, mom, and aunts use (used) them. Watkins has received rewards for excellence for its vanilla, cinnamon, and black pepper.

You can research online to find out more about Watkins.

Company information:

Watkins Incorporated
150 Liberty Street
Winona, Minnesota 55987

I just looked up Watkins myself at

My research revealed two complaints in the past 36 months. Realize that Watkins does business in every state in the US and every province in Canada, as well as, with foreign countries.

Watkins has a long standing reputation of integrity, quality, and value. Watkins offers a 100% money back guarantee on all products.

Other Watkins highlights:

  • Offered the first known money-back guarantee in America?
  • Had two leaders presented in Success Magazines We Create Millionaires article on MLM?
    Is 138 years old?
  • Was rated as one of 5 Hot Home Based Companies in Executive Female Magazine?
  • Was listed in the A list of Top Network Marketing Companies in Downline News Magazine?

Please research Watkins and determine for yourself if it is a scam or a very reputable company.

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