Friday, June 08, 2007

Watkins History

Watkins was founded in 1868. That’s 139 years ago. In 1868, the Civil War had just ended and was a recent memory to everyone at the time. Andrew Johnson was President of the United States taking over from Abraham Lincoln who was recently assassinated. A few things that did not exist yet include the telephone, the light bulb, airplanes, and the Suez and Panama Canals. There were just 37 states in the union and they were all in the same time zone since there was only one time zone. General George Custer and Geronimo were still alive and well. And J.R. Watkins was living in Plainview, Minnesota and had a dream, a recipe, and a kitchen where he created Watkins Red Liniment.

His Watkins Red Liniment launched a company that has created careers for hundreds of thousands of Watkins men and women over the years. In 1869, J.R. Watkins established America’s first Money-Back Guarantee. He put a Trial-Mark on the Liniment Bottles and told customers that they could use the product down to that line and if they didn’t like it, he’d give them their money back. By 1915 Watkins was the largest direct selling company in the world and had the majority of the spice and extract market for decades.

Do you remember how wonderful your Grandmother’s cooking was? And your Great Grandmother’s cooking also? The traditional home-cooked meal by our ancestors were almost always cooked with Watkins Products, almost exclusively. That, and a pinch of love is what made those old-time traditional home-cooked meals so delicious and wonderful! Our Watkins products are what almost everyone used up until the 1950’s. When people think fondly back at all those wonderful meals, Grandma’s wonderful cookies, cakes and pies, Great Aunt Mabel’s amazing roast, they are thinking fondly of how wonderful Watkins products are!

So spread the word and don’t forget how special Watkins Products really are. Why do you think so many great people are involved with Watkins? Not just the wonderful income opportunity and the great products - but also the great family values and traditions that are synonymous with Watkins.

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