Saturday, November 22, 2008

Watkins - Strength During Challenging Times

The following is a recent letter from Watkins president regarding Watkins and the economy.

In this time of great economic uncertainty, I wanted to encourage you to leverage all that Watkins offers to help make life a little bit better for everyone. Whether it's our natural comfort products or our opportunity to build a Watkins business, Watkins offers something that can positively impact everyone's lives during these challenging times.

Everyday we are bombarded with news of the great economic challenges before us. Although we are without question facing a serious global recession, we can all take comfort in the fact that Watkins products and business opportunity have stood the test of time. Throughout our incredible brand history, which has included many recessions, several World Wars, and the Great Depression, Watkins has remained relevant and strong. Even during this challenging year when consumers have been spending considerably less, Watkins' sales are on track to finish up approximately 15% over 2007, and our sponsoring of new Associates is up approximately 5%.

As was once said, "a crisis is a terrible thing to waste," and today's economic crisis is no exception. People from all walks of life are feeling financial pressures and are looking for ways to supplement their income. What better way is there to develop additional income than to start a Watkins business based on high value, high quality products that are timeless? Although today's consumers are spending less, recent data shows that the demand for natural and healthier products is continuing to rise even in this economy. More importantly, even though the consumer is cutting back on the bigger purchases, they still need to treat themselves to life's little necessities and indulgences, and they will still maintain the tradition of gift giving. Watkins offers all these at affordable prices. Also, the return to healthier cooking at home is pushing up demand for our organic spices and extracts, and we are seeing a substantial increase in these product lines.

As we all work with our friends and loved ones to manage our lives through these challenging economic times, we can take comfort in the enduring strength of Watkins. In our 140 year history, the world has faced countless obstacles considerably more challenging than today's economic uncertainty. Fortunately, with some freshly baked cookies made with Watkins Original Vanilla, along with a bit of Watkins Liniment to ease our aches and pains, and some Watkins Natural Hand Lotion to get us through winter, we can all get through these challenging economic times. Once the economy has settled down, which it will, we will be that much more thankful that Watkins helped us get through another challenging time in our history.


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