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How to Grow Your Business through Sponsoring

How to Grow Your Business through Sponsoring

The key to success and the only way to grow your business is to constantly sponsor and introduce fresh faces to Watkins. The day you stop talking to new people is the day your business stops growing. As a matter of fact, business never maintains in this industry — you move forward or you slide back. A strong business needs width (people you personally sponsor) and depth (people sponsored by your downline). Setting the example for those on your team and leading the pack is key to your success in duplication. Never rely on your downline to carry your business.

Here are some key rules to be cognizant of as you sponsor and grow your business, to ensure you continue to advance.

Rule #1: Sponsor in numbers. There is security in numbers. People come and go. Some stay a long time, others a short time. Some perform higher and others lower than you expect. Some will, some won't, so what. NEXT! The more you have to work with, the better.

Rule #2: Balance. Balance comes from having enough personal recruits (width) to insure you against the stellar performance of one person in your business. Don't rely on one or two "stars" to produce volume and advance you on the compensation plan and keep you there. The more people you develop, the higher you advance on the compensation plan.

Rule #3: Focus on Business Builders. As you continue to recruit new members into your team, look for the people with a desire to sponsor and advance on the compensation plan. Those interested in moving up the ranks quickly. The best way to build a strong business is to surround yourself with the best people that you can find. Raise your expectations and business builders will come. Make sure you sell the business and the potential it has to change lives. Don't just focus on the discount.

Business prospects can be found anywhere — expand your reach. Plug into business and professional associations, wellness centers, medical suites, fitness centers, and spas. Fill your calendar with activities that ensure you're meeting prospects and promoting your #1 product - the Watkins business opportunity.
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