Monday, March 23, 2009

New Products Planned For 2009

I'm very excited about the new products planned by Watkins for 2009. I'm particularly interested in the grinders, the new baby care products, the Natural Sunblock and After Sun Gel in tubes, and the First Aid Ointment and First Aid Spray.

The products offered by any company change over time, to meet new consumer needs, to match societal trends (such as the "green" lifestyle that so many people are pursuing these days), and to conserve company resources by eliminating products that aren't selling well or that don't meet quality standards.

With Watkins, we have a lot of time-tested products that have been in the line for over 100 years. But there are still opportunities to add related products, enhance product formulations, or improve packaging.

Over the past two years, Watkins has added 137 new or updated products. By comparison, Watkins has had a relatively small number of products that were discontinued due to low sales or vendor/ingredient quality issues.

Of course, it's disappointing when our personal favorite products are discontinued. But we need to realize that it's better for the overall growth to have the company's resources going to high-quality products that many people choose to purchase, rather than on products that only a few people enjoy. After all, it takes just as much effort for the company to get the raw ingredients, print labels and packaging materials, prep the production line, and do all the coordination of a low-selling product as for a big seller. So, it's exciting to note just how much work Corporate is doing to introduce new and improved products that many families will love using on a regular basis.

For 2009, 31 new product introductions are planned, bringing it to a total of 168 new products in three years! Here are the new or improved items scheduled for 2009, but please realize that these are the tentative, planned introductions—dates or products details may change:

8 Natural Gourmet products

Coming Mid-Year – US & Canada
  • Mexican Snack & Dip Seasoning (current Mexican Soup repackaged)
Coming 4th Quarter 2009 – US & Canada
  • Grinders: Tellicherry Peppercorn, Royal Peppercorn, Garlic Peppercorn & Sea Salt (these were originally slated for introduction sooner, but the grinder bottle tops the vendor delivered were not up to Watkins' standards, so Watkins refused that batch because Watkins will not put out a low-quality product)

  • "Old Bay" type seasoning (although it will be called something else, since Old Bay is a trademarked name of another company)

  • Blackened Seasoning

  • Fajita Seasoning (new formula, packaged in Soup & Dessert container)

  • Taco Seasoning

11 Natural Personal Care products, including an all-new Baby line

Coming April 1, 2009 – US Only

  • Medicated Lip Balm

Coming July 1, 2009 – US & Canada

  • Peppermint Foot Scrub

  • Aloe & Green Tea Body Wash

  • Aloe & Green Tea Shampoo

  • Aloe & Green Tea Conditioner

  • "Life's a Beach" kit: Body Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion, Raspberry Lip Balm, Wash Cloth

Coming November 1, 2009 – US & Canada

  • Baby Lotion

  • Baby Wash

  • Baby Oil

  • Bubble Bath

  • Booty Balm

2 Natural Home Care products

Coming May 2009 (in Highlights catalog) – US & Canada

  • Lemon All Purpose Wipes

Coming August 1, 2009 – US & Canada

  • Fragrance Free Laundry Detergent (package some as Lemon Laundry)

10 Health Remedies, including a new all-natural line
See photo above

Coming August 1, 2009 - US & Canada

  • Menthol Camphor Bath Soak

Coming August 1, 2009 - US (followed in Canada pending DIN approval)

  • Natural Sunblock

  • Deep Muscle Cooling Gel

  • Deep Muscle Warming Balm

  • White Cream Liniment (Reformulation)

  • Medicated Vapor Ointment

  • Toothpaste

  • After Sun Gel

  • First Aid Ointment

  • First Aid Spray

"Seasonal Favorites" Sneak Preview
The holiday gifts for fall 2009 will include food repeats such as Cinna-Cream Sprinkles and Cream of Tartar. Also, an all-time favorite, Cider Brew, will be back by popular demand! There will be new Natural Personal Care stocking stuffers and gift sets. Plus, there will be collectibles, such as kitchen and home care accessories with the Watkins logo.

Watch for these new products later this year.


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