Monday, October 26, 2009

Network Marketing

There are a lot of misconceptions about Network Marketing.

Have you ever referred a friend to a good movie or a restaurant? Did the producer of the movie or the owner of the restaurant pay you for the referral? Think how often you refer friends and family to products and services you enjoy. Can you imagine getting paid on every referral?

That’s what network marketing is. Nearly all successful Watkins Associates started out loving Watkins products. They couldn’t help but share their results with others. Watkins rewards their referral with a nice compensation check.

"With even a smidgen of desire, almost anything is possible, and that includes your building a career in network marketing. ... We all want the same things out of life. We want to be happy, healthy, reasonably prosperous and secure, and to have friends, piece of mind, good family relationships, and hope. A career in network marketing can satisfy all these desires." ‐ Zig Ziglar, “Network Marketing for Dummies”

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