Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Become an Associate with the Summit Group

I'm an Independent Watkins Associate and I would like for you to become a member of my Watkins team!
  • As a Watkins Associate you receive a 25% discount on the products you order for yourself.
  • You earn 25% to 39% commission on the products you sell.
  • If you sponsor other associates you'll earn 5% to 10% commission on the products they use and sell.
  • If you join with me as your sponsor you become a member of the Summit Group with access to a free training web site, free business tools, weekly training conference calls, and a free business web site to help you introduce the Watkins Home Business Opportunity.
  • If you join with me as your sponsor I'll give you a $30 Watkins Gift Certificate to order products for yourself. You'll receive the gift certificate approximately 2 weeks after you sign up. This gift certificate is provided by me and not another Watkins Associate or Watkins Incorporated.
Use people-safe and environmentally-safe products in your home. Watkins brings you:
  • Distinctive natural food products serving a wide range of tastes and cooking styles.
  • A luxurious line of natural personal care products that are certified natural by the Natural Products Association and are formulated with at least 95% all natural ingredients.
  • Environmentally friendly, natural home-care products ensure a clean home and a clean world.
  • Tried and true apothecary health care items and the latest in consumer requested supplements.
  • All Watkins products are backed by JR Watkins original 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can use and sell them with confidence!
A Watkins work-from-home business is a simple business plan with a variety of business methods. Choose traditional retailing or team building or a combination of both. 
·         25% discount on products you order for yourself
·         Share Watkins catalogs and products with customers, friends, relatives, and co-workers
·         Living Naturally Sampling Party Plan
·         Online Retailing
·         Booth or table at trade shows, craft shows, fairs, and bazaars
·         Personal-Use Team-Building Plan

Ready to join now or need more information?
For details about the Watkins Home Business Opportunity and how to join go to http://www.tsginfo.com/ew4346a  

Happy Thanksgiving!

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