Saturday, January 26, 2013

Business Opportunity Presentation

After viewing the online presentation contact me if you have any questions

See previous post for January Special Signup Offer!

If you’d like to sign up, go to or and choose Join Us from the side menu and then As a Consultant

Trusted For Over 140 Years
Trusted For Generations
Natural Home & Personal Care
Natural & Pure Flavorings
Time Tested, Easy to Grow
One of the Highest Paying Plans
Support from Your Sponsor, the Summit Group, and Your Home Office Team
Earn in Direct Relation to Your Efforts

What’s Important to You?
More Time With Your Family
Choose Your Own Hours
Live a Healthier Lifestyle
Products That Are a Great Value
Recognition For Your Accomplishments
Extra Income
Become Debt Free!

A Simple Business Opportunity
Share With Others & Earn Additional Income
Teach Others to Share
Superior Products/Low Startup Costs
Easy to Grow Your Watkins Business

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