Wednesday, February 21, 2018

FREE $20 Gift Certificate When You Sign Up This Month

Join my Watkins team this month as a Consultant/Distributor and get a $20 gift certificate!

Watkins has no required auto shipments, has a low signup fee, and is flexible and can work with any lifestyle.

People join Watkins for the following reasons:
P/t income
A hobby or time to get out of the house
F/t income possibility and quit other job
Retirement security
Joining to teach kids about business (parent joins, kid(s) help with business, markets etc.)
To get personal discount and sell a bit to family/friends and make some income or just give discount to family/friends.

Business details and sign up at 

If you'd like to order products and not join as a Consultant place your online order at: 

See our catalog and monthly specials at:

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