Friday, November 16, 2018

November Super Sale on Vanilla and Other 11 Fluid Ounce Extracts

20% Off 11-Ounce Baking Vanilla 
$13.99 each (reg. $17.49) #01008 US
$17.59 each (reg. $21.99) #31008 Canada
When people say, “Get me some of that wonderful Watkins Vanilla,” they’re almost always asking for Watkins Baking Vanilla (formerly known as Watkins Original Double Strength Vanilla). Watkins Baking Vanilla is made with the world’s finest vanilla beans. Our secret low-alcohol formula means the flavor won’t bake away or freeze away, leaving only the delicious Watkins aroma and flavor. It’s the best all-purpose vanilla for baking and freezing. This popular product rarely goes on special. Stock up for your own baking, or give as a gift. (11 fl oz/325 mL)

20% Off Large Extracts 
Along with our award-winning Baking Vanilla, these other 11 ounce/325 mL extracts are also on special this month. Enjoy the deliciousness in this economical size.

Clear Vanilla Imitation Extract (for wedding cakes and other baked goods that need to be pure white)
$8.79 each (reg. $10.99) #01007  US
$10.39 each (reg. $12.99) #31007 Canada

Butter Extract
$9.59 each (reg. $11.99) #01010 US
$11.59 each (reg. $14.49) #01010 Canada 

Pure Lemon 
$10.39 each (reg. $12.99) #01011 US 
$12.39 each (reg. $15.49) #01011 Canada

Pure Almond—NEW!
$11.99 each (reg. $14.99) #01015 US
$14.79 each (reg. $18.49) #01015 Canada

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