Sunday, July 15, 2007

Fresh Wash

We are happy to announce Fresh Wash Concentrate (02150) and Fresh Wash Spray (02151) are back in stock!

Did you know an average of four strangers handle your apples before you purchase them and up to twenty could have handled your tomatoes? Safely remove germs and contaminants from all your produce with Watkins Fresh Wash. With cleaning power that is odorless, tasteless and colorless your fruit and veggies will be over 400% cleaner than with water alone!

02150 Fresh Wash Concentrate
Regularly $9.99 US/ $13.99 CDN
Special $9.19 US/$12.39 CDN

02151 Fresh Wash Spray
Regularly $7.99 US/ $9.99 CDN
Special $7.49 US/ $8.99 CDN

On special June, July, and August

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