Monday, January 07, 2008

When Should You Take Your Vitamin Supplements?

If you take supplements, vitamins or herbs, the following can help to lessen or prevent any side effects and help to promote the benefits vitamins can provide.

  • Take your supplements during or after a meal, unless directed otherwise, and drink plenty of fluids as well.
  • Take consistently to achieve maximum health benefits. It usually takes two to three months before you feel the full positive effects of adding nutritional supplements.
  • Take as indicated. Your supplements may be recommended or packaged for morning, noon or evening dosages, based on your individual health needs. For maximum benefit, take your supplements at the time of day indicated on the package.
  • Keep your physician informed. Discuss any symptoms or health concerns with your physician, and inform them that you are taking dietary supplements.

Watkins offers a variety of nutritional supplements for specific needs and lifestyles.

On Sale This Month

Fruit Veggie Complex, item number 02268, January Regularly $17.99 Special $16.99, (60 caplets, 30-day supply)
Getting your fruits and vegetables has never been easier. This supplement contains 41 varieties of fruits and vegetables, all-natural mixed carotenes, vitamin C equal to 4 glasses of juice and potent fruit enzymes equal to ten glasses of juice, all in one convenient bilayer caplet—and without sugars and sodium.

Rezist Plus, 02272, Regularly $19.99 January Special $18.99, (60 caplets, 30-day supply)
Who has time to get sick? Rezist Plus can help you to stay well through the winter months, and all year long!

Rezist Plus contains ImmunEnhancer™ with arabinogalactan (AG), found to be twice as effective as echinacea in boosting the immune system. Lactospore, FOS and AG enhance the body's natural defenses to help ease allergy symptoms and headaches; they also work to ease lactose intolerance and gas and bloating while enhancing absorption of calcium and helping to maintain normal cholesterol levels. It keeps working year round.

Skin, Hair, Nails, 02270 Regularly $14.99 January Special $10.99, (30 caplets, 30-day supply)
Revitalize your skin, hair, and nails with this unique blend of vitamins, minerals, essential oils and antioxidants that protect from aging and help rejuvenate new growth of skin, hair, and nails while replenishing them with essential nutrients for a healthier, more vibrant appearance.

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