Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Good Tastings Has the Edge When it Comes to Sponsoring

Watkins Good Tastings is our event or party plan where people gather to sample Watkins products and foods made with Watkins products.

Good Tastings is a powerful venue to introduce customers to our products and identify potential business Associates. This method allows you to expand your reach rapidly. The average attendance of a show is 8 - 10 guests (plus the host), and every one of them is a potential business Associate.

Having trouble with leads? Not enough to follow-up on? Take a look at how holding Good Tastings events can solve these dilemmas.

4 shows a month x 10 guests = 40 new leads
8 shows a month x 10 guests = 80 new leads
80 leads per month x 12 months = 960 leads

How many of those 960 leads do you think would be interested in beginning their own home-based Watkins business?

Who's a potential prospect at a show?

  • The host that loves Watkins products and the #1 reason people join Watkins is because of their love for Watkins quality products.
  • The guest that buys the most. They love the product too.
  • The guest that can't afford everything they want/struggling to make payments. They most likely would enjoy supplementing their income.
  • The guest that's complaining about their job. Do we have an opportunity for them!
  • The guest that craves more balance in their life. Our home-based opportunity is a great solution for creating balance, flexibility and freedom.
  • The guest that's looking to retire soon. Perhaps they need more income and security. Watkins is a great opportunity for retirees who are looking to enjoy their retirement to the fullest.
  • The guest that has young children at home and needs a retirement plan/nest egg or needs to save for college education.
  • The expectant mother, or new mother that is dreading going back to work.There are plenty of reasons prospects are looking for a little extra income.

Did you know that between 1992 and 2005, the US savings rate slumped from 9% to -0.3%*. That means the majority are spending more than they are bringing in. Do you think they would appreciate what you have to offer?Make sure you offer the gift of Watkins, and make a difference, to every guest and host you come in contact with. You never know who will jump at the opportunity. They will be forever thankful.

For details about how to become a Watkins Associate visit http://www.vanillasage.com/

*According to the US Commerce Department

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