Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Watkins Introduces New Membership Package and Optional Upgrades

February 1st Watkins announced the new Membership Package and optional Upgrade Assortments. Each new associate joins with the Watkins Membership Package, $39.95, then chooses none, one or more of the three upgrades.

Optional Upgrades

1. Watkinize Your Home Assortment, $349 - variety of 52 predetermined Watkins products, free E-Associate web site (personalized), three months free web maintenance, opportunity to earn Watkinize Your Home bonus payouts (more details at information web site listed below)

2. Gift Certificate Assortment, $129 - includes a $200 gift certificate to purchase products

3. Good Tastings Assortment, $69.95 - $50 gift certificate and Good Tastings Quarterly Assortment, party plan materials

You may choose one or more of the upgrades at a discount within the first 90 days after enrollment.

Join with the Membership Package, $39.95 plus tax (shipping is free). Then review the advantages of each of the optional upgrades and choose the upgrade(s) that meet(s) your business building goals and budget.

The Watkinize Your Home Assortment is designed for associates who are serious about building a home based business by using Watkins products in their homes and by sponsoring other associates who plan to follow these same business-building steps. $100 bonus payouts go to associates who purchase this assortment, who are loyal to their business, and who sponsor other associates who do the same.

Regardless of whether you start with just the $39.95 membership package or with additional upgrades, you'll be a full-fledged Watkins associate and a Summit Group member. You can purchase Watkins products for a 25% discount. And, you can earn income through your choice of business building strategies. Becoming a Watkins associate can help you reach your dreams!

Go to http://www.vanillasage.com for details.

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