Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Put Some Zip in Your Garden with Coffee Grounds

Wake Your Garden Up with a Little Coffee

It's a beautiful morning. You've just brewed a fresh pot of coffee. You're about to take the grounds out and throw them in the -- garden? Why not? Coffee grounds have a lot of good things in them, like nitrogen. If you re-use coffee grounds in your garden, you'll see happier plants, and keep some stuff out of your local landfill.

How to Serve Coffee to Your Garden

You can sprinkle them around your azaleas, which love things on the acidic side. Work your coffee grounds - or tea leaves, for that matter - into your garden soil for slow-release nitrogen. If your plants need a quick pick-me-up, mix your grounds with water (about 5-6 parts water to 1 part grounds) and let it stand for a while. Then just pour it around the base of your plants. They'll perk up fast.

Put Some Zing in Your Compost Pile

Used coffee filters and tea bags are great composting material. They break down fast. The grounds and tea leaves you throw into your compost pile will give you a nitrogen-rich growing material. Worms love coffee almost as much as you do.

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