Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Why Vitamin B7 is Important For Your Body

Vitamin B7, a B-complex Vitamin is Important for a Healthy Body

Vitamin B7, also known as biotin, is a water-soluble nutrient with vital metabolic functions.

Why do you need it?

  1. Without biotin as a co-factor, many enzymes work inefficiently, and serious complications can result, including varied diseases of the skin, intestinal tract, and nervous system.

  2. Biotin plays a role in regulating blood glucose levels and may help in decreasing insulin resistance and improving glucose tolerance in those with type 2 diabetes.

  3. Biotin may be helpful in maintaining healthy hair and nails, and possibly preventing birth defects. Symptoms of a biotin deficiency include progressive hair loss.

Biotin can be found in foods including organ meats, barley, brewer's yeast, fortified cereals, corn, egg yolks, milk, royal jelly, soy, and wheat bran. Avocado, bread, broccoli, cauliflower, cheeses, chicken, fish, legumes, mushrooms, nuts, pork, potatoes, and spinach also provide biotin.

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