Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Start a Watkins Home-Based Business for $39.95

Did you know that you can start a Watkins home-based business for $39.95?

I became an Independent Watkins Associate to supplement our family's income and to save for retirement. I like working from home. I decide how and when to work my business and schedule my time. I save money and time because I don't have to drive long distances to and from work.

My Watkins business has shown steady growth each year, although like any business there have been ups and downs. Not only has my income increased but I have earned bonuses, awards, and rewards for business building.

I chose Watkins to represent as an Independent Associate because the product line appealed to me. I felt a connection. They are products that our family uses everyday to make our lives better. Watkins continues to meet the needs of people across North America with tried-and-true health remedies, all natural and organic extracts, herbs, and spices, nutritional supplements, all-natural plant based personal care products, and all-natural plant based home care and cleaning products.

Watkins is a company that I represent with pride. For 141 years they have been committed to using only the finest natural ingredients. Products are family approved, Watkins guaranteed, and trusted for generations.

Why Watkins is a Good Choice For You

1. Extraordinary Products - People use our products everyday and buy them over and over again.
2. Trusted Brand - People all over North America know and respect the Watkins brand.
3. Simple Business - The Watkins business is easy to duplicate.
4. Exceptional Compensation - Watkins rewards Associates in relation to their efforts and offers leadership bonuses.
5. Low Start-Up Cost - Watkins has one of the lowest start-up costs for a home-based business and requires no inventory. Just $39.95.
6. Support - Receive business support and training from me as your sponsor, your upline team leaders, Watkins, and the Summit Group.
7. Variety of Business Methods - One-to-one sharing of catalogs, products, and business opportunity; Living Naturally group sampling events or parties; public events such as tables and booths at fairs, bazaars, craft shows, trade shows; online sales.
8. Incentives and Recognition - Watkins rewards Associates with recognition and rewards.
9. No Quotas, No Inventory, No Minimum Orders
10. Product Savings
- Associates receive a 25% discount on product orders.

If you believe in yourself and are willing to learn, I would like to sponsor you and help you meet your business goals. Find out how you can start a Watkins Home-Based Business today and plan for a better future. Visit my business information web site for more information and how to enroll.


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