Monday, July 27, 2009

Why Chose A Watkins Home Based Business?

For over 140 years Watkins have been committed to using only the finest natural ingredients. While we are quite proud of our rich past, we are even more proud of our commitment to your family and future. Bringing you products that are family approved, Watkins guaranteed, and trusted for generations. From our natural home care cleaning line to our organic spices and extracts, Watkins has products everyone will love.

The Watkins Story began in 1868 with the vision of a 28-year old entrepreneur, J.R. Watkins. With confidence in the exceptional quality of his first product, Watkins Red Liniment, he offered the first-ever money-back satisfaction guarantee by inventing his famous "Trial-Mark" bottle. Demand for Red Liniment quickly multiplied. To meet this demand, he hired salesmen to market this growing line of products from home to home, thus founding the Direct Sales Industry.

"The Watkins Man" became a household name as North America developed and grew. J.R.'s dream lives on in the vision and entrepreneurial spirit of today's Watkins Associates. Watkins invites you to become part of this tradition.

Extraordinary Products — People use our consumable products every day.

Trusted Brand — People all over North America know and respect the Watkins brand. We boast a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee and have been committed to quality since 1868!

Brand Awareness — A small percentage of Watkins products can be found in select retail locations — a great opportunity for you to gain new customers, service their on-going needs, generate new business leads and grow your Watkins business.

Simple Business — Watkins business system is easy to duplicate.

Exceptional Compensation — Watkins rewards Associates in relation to their efforts and offers leadership bonuses!

Low Start-up Cost — Watkins has one of the lowest start-up costs for a home-based business and requires no inventory.

Support — Receive business support from me as your sponsor, your upline leaders, the Summit Group, and Watkins Home Office Staff.

Incentives and Recognition — Watkins rewards top performers with powerful recognition, rewards, and luxury travel.

What About You?
You Deserve to be Rewarded!

Whether you are looking to:

  • Save on your monthly grocery budget.
  • Pay off outstanding debt/credit cards.
  • Make a mortgage/auto payment.
  • Pay for your children's education.
  • Pay for your children's extra curricular activities.
  • Take that special vacation with your family that many have had to forfeit in these tough economic times.
  • Save for retirement.
  • Buy products people know — and love! — and earn extra income.
Watkins is the perfect solution!

You Decide What Marketing Method

Living Naturally — Group events, presentations, and samplings present Watkins product and business opportunity to a group of people at the same time. These are very time effective methods for building your business and can represent significant "now money."
Public Events — Trade Shows, Public Displays, and Fairs and Trade Shows bring the public to you. This is a fantastic fit for those who are free to work their business on the weekends and are willing to invest in inventory.
Online — Bring customers and prospects right in to your virtual home anytime of day! Work your business full or part-time when you like.
One-on-One — Present the product and business opportunity to individual prospects any time in any setting. This method is highly duplicable avenue for building your Watkins business.
Team Building Personal Use - Buy the products you use everyday from your Watkins store and build a team by sponsoring other associates who do the same.

Start during July with a Watkins Membership Package for Only $39.95 and receive a $10.00 Gift Certificate from Watkins and a $30 Gift Certificate from me.

Learn more and sign up here.

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