Monday, August 10, 2009

Ways to Earn with Watkins

A Watkins Home Based Business offers several business-building methods to help you earn. You choose the methods that fit into your life style and schedule.

Living Naturally
Group events, presentations, and samplings present Watkins product and business opportunity to a group of people at the same time. These are very time effective methods for building your business and can represent significant "now money."

Public Events
Trade Shows, Public Displays, and Fairs bring the public to you. This is a fantastic fit for those who are free to work their business on the weekends and are willing to invest in inventory.

Bring customers and prospects right in to your virtual home anytime of day! Work your business full or part-time when you like.


One-on-One: Present the product and business opportunity to individual prospects any time in any setting. This is a highly duplicable avenue for building your Watkins business.

Personal Presentations and Opinion Appointments: These methods almost always result in sales or sponsoring opportunities. People love to give their opinion, and they appreciate personalized service. Approaching people this way takes a bit more time since you are only talking to one or two people at a time.

Repeat business: Once you have established a customer, you can introduce them to other products. As they fall in love with the product, they may also be interested in exploring the business opportunity or will gladly refer you to others if you ask.

Out and about in daily activities: It's simple to "make friends" wherever you go. Most people are willing to share a smile or a comment with you, and these are the people you want to talk to! Decide to "make new friends" each time you're out. Your goal is just to get a name and phone number so you can follow up.

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