Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why You Should Order Our Quality Products

Even if I never got another customer order (bite my tongue and shut my mouth!) I would still be a Watkins Associate. My family and I use many of the superior quality products created by Watkins Incorporated. And I buy them at a 25% discount.

I cook with the soup and gravy bases, dessert mixes, extracts, herbs and spices. Have you ever tasted real whipped cream made with Watkins Pure Vanilla? Compare homemade real whipped cream with whipped topping on your Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. After whipping the cream and adding a little sugar and Pure Vanilla Extract take the taste test. So delicious!

Our medicine chest wouldn't be without Menthol Camphor Ointment, Medicated Lip Balm, Petro Carbo Salve, Pain Relieving Liniment Spray, and Pain Relief Burn Cream. We stay healthy by using Watkins Supplements - Superfood Multiple Vitamin, E+CoQ10 Softgels, Skin, Hair, and Nails, and Rezist Plus.

I love the delicately scented moisturizing lotions and creams - Aloe and Green Tea, Lavender, Lemon Cream, Mango, and Vanilla. The Peppermint Cream and Foot Scrub cool and invigorate your feet. Aloe Vera Moisturizing Sun Block is 95% natural, water resistant, SPF 30, chemical sunscreen and PABA free, with an eco-friendly formula.

The personal care kits with travel sized products are just the right size for your vacation. They are perfect for Christmas stocking.

Our new cleaning and home care products are natural and plant-based so they are safe for you, your family, and the environment.

I know most of us are tightening our financial belts and budgeting our income. Watkins brings you economically priced products that are tried-and-true and backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

Order from the online catalog http://www.watkinsonline.com/eleisiawhitney or the printed catalog. Email to request a printed catalog eleisiawhitney@watkinsonline.com

If you place an order for $100 or more I will give you a $10 gift certificate to use on your next order.

If you place an order for $150 or more shipping is free. Ask your friends, relatives, or neighbors to place a combined order with you and get your products shipped for free!

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