Monday, October 30, 2006

Create a PDF File with Adobe

I was looking for a free program or software to add a .pdf file to my web site so my customers and visitors could download a free recipe collection.

My search led me to Adobe. You can create five free files using their trial offer.

Create a .pdf file from a document on your hard drive or from a web page. Browse your computer for the document and hit submit. In seconds your .pdf file is created. You can then save, distribute, or print it.

Creat a .pdf file from a web page. Enter the url and hit submit. In seconds a .pdf file is created that you can save and upload to your site or distribute.

There are several other free .pdf file creators online but most of them have strings attached or charge a small fee if your document is over a prescribed number of pages.

The Adobe PDF Creator free trial offer has no strings attached and is quick and simple to use.

I definitely recommend this free trial offer.

Go to my web site to see the free holiday recipe collection.

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