Saturday, February 03, 2007

Watkins Advantage Program for Associates

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Good News! Watkins Advantage program has been expanded to include even more consumer products. As of January 1, Watkins added more variety to the Watkins Advantage program by adding more of the most popular food, personal care, and home care products. These products help complement the ever-popular tried-and-true supplements and medicinals to satisfy your body's daily needs.

Find the most current product listings on the Watkins Advantage Forms:
U.S. Watkins Advantage Form
Canadian Watkins Advantage Form
Le programme Avantages de Watkins

An Advantage for You and Your Business!

Just look at the benefits of the expanded Watkins Advantage Program (when orders are reserved using your International Plan ID number)
  • Watkins Advantage Associates receive a 30% discount on their monthly Watkins Advantage order. That's an extra 5% savings every month!
  • Watkins Advantage Associates receive free shipping & handling on monthly Watkins Advantage orders.
  • Watkins Advantage Associates get the convenience of automatic shipments: all orders are automatically shipped after the 15th of every month.
  • We're flexible! Watkins Advantage Associates can modify or cancel their monthly order anytime before the 10th day of the month.
  • Watkins Advantage Associates may select from the wide variety of products listed on the Watkins Advantage Enrollment Form.
  • Watkins Advantage Associates can choose products between 100 to 300 points each month.
  • The Watkins Advantage Program encourages consistent monthly sales, which strengthens the foundations of your Watkins business.
  • By consistently using consumable products, Watkins Advantage Associates can develop personal testimonials and more effectively market these products.

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