Monday, February 19, 2007

Watkins Good Tastings Events

Watkins Associates earn immediate income by giving Good Tastings Events. Good Tastings is Watkins party plan. A group of people get together to sample foods made with Watkins products.

The host or hostess earns a percentage of sales from the party in Watkins products. Hostesses earn 10% of parties with sales of $150 or more. If the party has sales of $500 or more Watkins will double the normal 15% to give the hostess 30% of sales in Watkins products. That's double the amount of free products or $150 worth of Watkins products. This 30% of sales special continues through the end of 2007.

Watkins pays 100% of the host rewards for Good Tastings Events. That means you, as a Watkins Associate, keep all the profits from your parties.

A Good Tastings Starter Kit is only $99 US and $125 Canadian. It includes the Business Introduction Package as well as a Good Tastings audio and a training video (DVD) and products and business and event materials to give four Good Tastings Events. The three products Watkins is famous for, Vanilla, Cinnamon, and Black Pepper are also included in this kit.

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