Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Products Available Only On Watkins Order Form or Online Catalog

Due to current consumer demand for natural personal care, our focus will be concentrated on our newest line of J.R. Watkins Natural Apothecary. With this shifted focus, the following traditional J.R. Watkins Apothecary products will be available to order only through Watkins Order Form and

Article Number Description

10473 Aloe & Green Tea Shea Butter (jar)
10489 Lavender Shea Butter (jar)
10482 Lemon Cream Shea Butter (jar)
10493 Mango Shea Butter (jar)
10494 Vanilla Shea Butter (jar)
10507 Aloe & Green Tea Shea Butter (tube)
10508 Lavender Shea Butter (tube)
10509 Lemon Cream Shea Butter (tube)
10516 Mango Shea Butter (tube)
10510 Vanilla Shea Butter (tube)
10484 Ultra Rich Hand Cream
10470 Aloe & Green Tea Hand & Body Lotion
10486 Lavender Hand & Body Lotion
10487 Lemon Cream Hand & Body Lotion
10520 Mango Hand & Body Lotion
10474 Vanilla Hand & Body Lotion
10478 Peppermint Foot Cream
10479 Peppermint Foot Scrub
10513 All-Natural Body Oil (Fragrance Free)
10514 Lavender Body Oil
10515 Lemon Body Oil
10472 Aloe & Green Tea Dry Oil Mist
10496 Lavender Dry Oil Mist
10476 Vanilla Dry Oil Mist
60481 Lavender Hand Salve (full size)
60518 Lavender Hand Salve (travel size)
60521 Lemon Hand Salve (full size)
60522 Lemon Hand Salve (travel size)
60480 Red Clover Hand Salve (full size)
60517 Red Clover Hand Salve (travel size)
03329 Vanilla 2 in 1 Shampoo
60523 Aloe SPF 23 Lip Balm (tin)
02979 Vanilla Lip Balm (stick)
60524 Vanilla Lip Balm (tin)
02989 Vanilla Cologne Rollette
03113 Aloe Vera Sun Block
10534 Aloe & Green Tea Deodorant
10528 Mini Moisturizer Kit
10531 Lotion & Shea Butter Kit
10530 Original Body Care Kit
10527 Shower & Travel Kit
10533 Head to Toe Kit

New to the Order Form
Article Number Description

16730 Trigger Sprayer (Natural Home Care Line)

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