Saturday, July 05, 2008

Wakins July Summer Sizzler Challenge

Watkins Summer Sizzler Challenge

  • Join Watkins during the July Summer Sizzler Challenge and Watkins will send you a gift certificate worth $10.00 USD/CAD.
  • I will give you a gift certificate worth $20.00 USD/CAD if you join with me as your sponsor.
  • Join for just $39.95 USD/CAD plus tax.
  • Optional Upgrade Assortments - choose an upgrade assortment that meets your business building goals.

1. Good Tastings upgrade ($69.95 US) ($81.95 CAN) - $50 gift certificate and Good Tastings Quarterly Assortment, party plan materials

2. The Gift Certificate upgrade ($129 US) ($159 CAN) - $200 gift certificate to purchase products

3. Watkinize Your Home upgrade ($349. US) ($449. CAN) - variety of 52 predetermined Watkins products, free E-Associate web site (personalized), three months free web maintenance, opportunity to earn Watkinize Your Home bonus payouts (more details at

Experience Watkins natural products and the freedom Watkins opportunity offers. Visit for business details and enrollment form or signup at under Join Us - As an Associate.

Eleisia Whitney
Watkins Independent Associate 335001
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Believe in the power of Watkins
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