Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Prospecting Postcard

In today's world, most of us are on the go. It's one thing to leave a business card with someone you've just met at a social function, or an old acquaintance that you're passing in a department store, but do these really get the word out? Are they getting lost in piles of other cards? Do they stand out from the rest?

To make sure your Watkins business opportunity stands out from the rest, Watkins has created this beautiful 5x7 postcard. Spotlight your #1 product — Watkins Business Opportunity. This piece has been created to coincide with our branding campaign and addresses the most common reasons a prospect would want to consider a Watkins home-based business.

Want more:

Quality products for your home
Time with your family
Recognition for your efforts
Opportunity to help others

If you are ready to fulfill your desire for more, contact your Independent Watkins Associate.

It's clean, simple for a prospect to read, and just enough information to pique their interest — and leave them wanting more!

They are designed so that you can:

Personalize and mail
Carry with you
Post on advertising and memo boards
Include in Good Tastings Booking Packages
Include in Business Interview Packages
Give to those you're passing in a department store
Give to those you're meeting for the first time in a social gathering
Handout at an event booth

In advertising — less is more. The average person won't read a tri-fold brochure if their interest isn't yet piqued. This visually appealing postcard is sure to stand out from the crowd. Wherever you may be, this prospecting postcard is convenient, making it easy for you to share Watkins benefits instantly.

08017 Prospecting Postcard (25 per package) $4.00 USD


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