Monday, January 22, 2007

Extra Incentive to Join by January 31 - Free E-Associate Web Package

All new Associates who join in January will have the opportunity to try Watkins E-Associate web package for three months at no charge. Watkins will waive the $64.95 US/$76.95 CDN web set-up fee. Additionally, Watkins will pick up the monthly web-hosting fee for the first three months, giving you as a new Associate until the end of April to decide if the E-Associate package is right for you before having to pay a cent. That’s a total savings of $124.80 US/$151.80 CDN if you begin your Watkins business in January.

Here’s what the E-Associate Web Package provides:

  • A customizable, personal web site which stands as the entry point for your customers, prospects and downline to
  • A place to post public stories for your customers and prospects, plus private stories for your downline team.
  • All customers and prospects coming through your site have your Associate information pre-filled in all shopping and sign-up screens.
  • A fully-functional e-mail with a address and access to reports and account information including real-time volume queries.

January’s new Associates can choose to try the E-Associate package when they join Watkins. Those that choose this option will enjoy the package for the remainder of January and all of February, March, and April.

Find out how to become an associate and get the e-associate web package free for three months. How to join my Watkins team

To view my e-associate web site

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