Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Watkins Hand and Body Lotions - More Value for Your Money

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The cold winter weather tends to dry out my skin, especially my hands.

Watkins Hand and Body Lotions give you more value for your money. Each lotion is now packaged in a plastic 11 fluid ounce/ 325 ml bottle with the pump dispenser attached. (Previous lotions were in an 8 fluid ounce bottle and the pump dispenser was extra.)

These high-quality lotions are enhanced with the skin conditioning properties of our exclusive six-botanical blend. The combination relieves chapping and roughness in a non-greasy formula. With six wonderful scents to choose from, there’s sure to be one or more to your liking!

Six Botanicals

Hypericum Extract: An essential oil with antibacterial
qualities; modern research has found it
useful for softening skin and preventing age spots.

Cornflower Extract: Said to have tonic and stimulating
properties; soothing qualities make it useful
for cosmetic preparations.

Linden Extract: Has healing and emollient properties;
a long history of use in poultices for treating
skin irritations.

Matricaria (German chamomile) Extract: This variety
of chamomile, also known as “true” chamomile,
lends its soothing qualities to skin preparations.
Used in ancient Arabia as a calming agent.

Calendula Extract: Has a reputation for reducing
scars and soothing varicose veins, and as an
ointment for skin irritations.

Chamomile (Roman) Extract: Like matricaria,
Roman chamomile is one of the most important
herbs for skin care; highly valued for its calming
and antiseptic properties.

Variety of Fragrances

10470 Aloe and Green Tea
10525 Citrus and Chamomile
10486 Lavender
10487 Lemon Cream
10520 Mango
10474 Vanilla

On special this month
US Regularly $8.99 Special $8.49
Canada Regularly $10.99 Special $9.99

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