Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Top 10 Web Site Design Mistakes

If you are planning to design a web site for your business or refresh your current site overcoming these design mistakes will put you ahead of the game.

Mistake 1
Using too large of a graphic header on the top of your page.
Don't waste prime information space on too large of a logo or banner.

Mistake 2
Using “washed out” colors that make your web site feel drab and lifeless. Or using colors that are way too bright.
Choose colors that convey the mood of your site and that give the visitor a pleasant feeling.

Mistake 3
Using more than four colors on your web site.
Using too many colors will make your site too busy and detract from the content.

Mistake 4
Using more than four different types of fonts on the same page.
Using too many different types of fonts causes the visitor to look in all directions at once and not focus on important content.

Mistake 5
Displaying your sales “message” on a dark colored background!
Don't detract from your sales message by placing it on a dark background. A white or light colored background lets your sales message shine through.

Mistake 6
Using too many scripts at once which causes browser “freeze.”
A well layed out web site with easy access to information without all the bells and whistles will keep the visitor at your site longer. If your visitors have to wait too long for the site to load they won't waste their time.

Mistake 7
Cramming way too much content into too small of a space. (Not enough white space.)
Design your site for your visitors as well as the search engines. Leave plenty of space between bits of information and graphics. Use tables to set up your content. Don't fill the full page from side to side, margin to margin.

Mistake 8
Using “busy” or “watermarked” background patterns.
Background patterns can draw attention away from the content and purpose of your site. If you are designing a business site don't use a busy background pattern.

Mistake 9
Specifying fonts that are too small!
Don't make visitors strain to read your content or view your graphics. There is way too much competition out there so make visiting your site pleasant and rewarding. A too-small font is a needless mistake!

Mistake 10
Not clearly identifying your offer.
State your offer clearly and do not make your customer search for the information. State the offer up front and then fill in the details and add testimonials.

Parts exerpted from Design Dashboard

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