Saturday, January 17, 2009

Welcome to Living Naturally with Watkins!

The Watkins Living Naturally event marketing method provides an easy and duplicable way for you to conduct your new business or supplement an existing business. ( Watkins Living Naturally is Watkins new event marketing method replacing the Good Tastings Event Plan.)

Just Imagine…
You’re at an in-home event surrounded by great food, good music, and excited people. They are laughing, talking and sampling delicious Watkins products. And at the same time you are earning money!

This scene is a Watkins Living Naturally event, and the host has invited his or her friends to taste and experience your fabulous products in a relaxed, informal, pressure-free environment.

Benefits to Hosts and Guests
What is a “host?”

A host is quite simply the person who agreed to hold the event for you and provides the venue such as his or her home. The host also provides the guests by inviting his or her family, friends, and acquaintances to the event.

Benefits for your hosts

  • Free Watkins products.
  • The opportunity to gather friends and family for an enjoyable social event.
  • The opportunity to join your team and earn money as a Watkins Associate.

Benefits for your guests
  • The opportunity to enjoy and sample Watkins quality products and have a good time.
  • The opportunity to purchase Watkins products and take advantage of any specials.
  • The opportunity to host a future Watkins party.
  • The opportunity to join your team and earn money as a Watkins Associate.
Benefits for you, the Watkins Associate
  • A Watkins Associate interested in growing their business with Living Naturally events has an interest in educating customers and sharing Watkins products in a social atmosphere.
  • A 25% income on retail purchases from your events plus any bonus you are entitled to under Watkins International Compensation Plan.
  • Substantial discount on host rewards of Watkins products.
  • The opportunity to expand your customer base.
  • The opportunity to duplicate your success and leverage your time by sponsoring new Watkins Associates.
  • The opportunity to greatly expand your business by holding events with a minimal amount of preparation time and significant support from Watkins.

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