Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What Are You Waiting For? Join Watkins Today!

When you use Watkins products in your home, you're laying the groundwork to earn a fortune while giving your family a nicer lifestyle. This business is as simple as:

  • Use Watkins products in your home wherever possible, instead of getting competing brands from your local store.
  • Tell other people how they can use Watkins products in their home, too. (Use your personalized website—which we give you free if you join with me as your sponsor—or use other methods to spread the word about Watkins.) Visit my web site for details
  • Cash your profit checks from Watkins (which you can earn as your team grows, depending on your achievement level).

Do you ever clean your house, eat dinner, take a shower, or take vitamins? Of course you do. We all do! So, why not turn the products you use for those activities into a profit center for you family instead of having those products just be an expense where the profits go to your local discount store?

With Watkins, you can choose from more than 350 organic, naturally-based, and environmentally-friendly products that can actually save you money as you serve better meals, maintain your family's health, and make your home more inviting. Watkins has been pleasing families for 141 years, and was the first company ever to offer a money-back guarantee. Now that's quality!

No selling required? Please notice that we haven't said anything about "selling" these products to customers. That's because today's Watkins business model no longer revolves around personally selling and delivering products to other people. Part of Watkins' proud heritage included folks doing catalog sales or sampling parties—and those traditional business methods are still available to people who enjoy earning a little money that way. But in today's world of the Internet, the top income earners on our team don't focus on personal sales. Instead, they simply act as their own best customer by purchasing things they need for their own homes at the associate's discount. Then they help others learn about the business, which can lead to large bonus income.

From classic remedies that made Watkins the first health and wellness company in North America, to spices that won the Paris Exposition's Gold Medal, to modern dietary supplements for increased stamina, these are products that your household needs. There are no fad products, just high-quality products at reasonable prices in four categories:

Specialty Foods
Health and Nutrition
Personal Care
Home Care

As soon as you enroll as an associate, you'll immediately be able to order products for yourself at the associate's discount of 25% off. Plus, depending on your achievement level each month, you could get extra bonuses that take your total savings up to a whopping 39% off (try getting that kind of discount at your local Sam's Club or Costco). But, even though you can save money on your own household needs just by joining our team, the real power lies in the huge bonus income you can create as you simply help others join our team, too. It's a great business that can totally change your life for the better.

You use these kinds of products in your home already. Why not earn money while you do?

Ready to join or need more details?

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