Thursday, January 22, 2009

What Natural, Organic, and Green Mean to Watkins

Watkins offers a full line of natural and organic herbs, spices and extracts and all-natural plant based personal care and home care products.

Natural - products that have undergone minimal processing and contain no preservatives or artificial additives.

Natural Criteria at Watkins:

  • Must be derived from natural sources
  • Plants, minerals and animals are considered natural sources
  • Sources must be processed with natural methods to preserve the source
  • Artificial and synthetic sources are not considered natural
  • Acceptable methods to process natural sources are cleaning, dehydrating, filtering, cold pressing, grinding and natural water/alcohol extraction
Organic - products that do not contain chemically formulated fertilizers, growth stimulants, antibiotics, or pesticides, etc.

Organic Criteria at Watkins:

  • Governed by USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and NOP (National Organic Program)
  • Must be certified throughout the entire process (from grower to consumer)
  • Products labeled "100% Organic" must contain only organically produced ingredients
  • Products labeled "Organic" must contain at least 95% organically produced ingredients
  • Products labeled "Made With Organic Ingredients" must contain at least 70% organically produced ingredients
Green - a shorthand phrase referring to sustaining Earth's resources. It is a vague term that can be used in many different contexts.

Ecological footprint - the amount of water and food needed to meet your daily needs throughout your lifetime.

Carbon footprint - the amount of energy you consume to conduct your life. Imagine how much electricity, natural gas, and gasoline you use to run your home, power your car and even get that morning bowl of cereal to your table. It all adds up and just a few small steps can help to reduce it.

Ways to reduce your carbon footprint:

  • Turn off televisions, stereos, home theater systems, and other electronics when not in use. Try this: plug your televisions and other home theater electronics in a power strip with an on/off switch. When you turn your television and other electronics off for the night, flip the switch on the power strip and totally eliminate wasted power.
  • Save over 50% on your homes lighting cost when you replace a standard incandescent bulb with a compact fluorescent bulb. They last longer too!
  • Always wash clothes in cold water. Not only does this preserve the color longer, it saves you money and conserves energy.
  • Use your consumer power! Support companies that are making an effort to improve communities and the environment through Greener manufacturing practices, charitable support, and product offerings that are safe for your family and the environment.


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